ESL Pro League S6: defeat vs mousesports

ESL Pro League S6 saw UkraineNatus Vincere G2A play against European team Internationalmousesports a dual Bo2 series. At the end of the day, it was the opponent who emerged victorious, claiming both maps, which were very close.


ESL Pro League Season 6

[12:16 de_cbble]

[11:16 - de_inferno]

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UkraineNatus Vincere G2A [0:1] Internationalmousesports - de_cbble

The first game of the series started off rather well for us, as we got a couple of rounds right away. Despite that, Internationalmousesports soon got some back and tied the score at 3:3. Russian FederationEdward was really stepping up, winning 1v2 clutches several times, showing who's got the power. We continued trading some rounds, but ultimately, we found ourselves at a decent advantage, since the end of the first half saw us sit at a comfortable 9:6.


Edward 1v2 clutch, by


The second half, however, was not as good for us, as UkraineNaVi dropped the pistol round, and the opponent claimed 2 more rounds before we answered with the round of our own Unfortunately, we did not manage to capitalize on that, and Internationalmousesports took 5 rounds in a row, and despite another round on the board for us, with the first denied matchpoint at 11:15, we did not manage to catch up to the opponent, losing the first map 12:16.


Stats on de_cbble, courtesy of

UkraineNatus Vincere G2A [0:2] Internationalmousesports - de_inferno

The second game of the series was off to a suboptimal start, as we were struggling to find a solid footing. The opponent took 3 rounds right away, and UkraineNaVi got the first point only in round 4, again failing to even tie the score, as Internationalmousesports immediately answered by taking 5 rounds, and winning the first half. We tried to diminish the gap between us as much as possible, and in the end of the day, the first half concluded with 6:9.


Zeus with an ace, by


The second half saw us struggle initially, but as the game was coming closer to its end, we seemed to find some strength in ourselves to repel the attacks and claimed 4 rounds for the second half. Despite that, we were still far from a comfortable lead - quite the opposite, we needed several rounds in a row to get to overtime. The matchpoint came at 10:15, but we denied it, defusing the bomb. But ultimately, we did not manage to hold it off for much longer, and lost the second map with an 11:16 score.


Stats on de_inferno, courtesy of

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