Some statistics for ESL One Cologne


ESL One Cologne 2015 begins today and compiled some interesting statistics which you didn't know about before!


It should be mentioned that this will be the 6th Valve-supported major tournament with a $250,000 prize purse. For the first time in history North America and Asia/Oceania had LAN qualifiers. There will be four groups, four teams each. The tournament will be played in BO1 double-elimination format. The top two teams of each group will advance to quarterfinals. The groups will be redrawn after the first day, so on the second day the teams will compete with new opponents. Besides, teams that failed to get to the semi-finals will get a second chance on the next day.


If we are talking about general statistics, the most interesting thing is that there has never been a 16-0 score at a major. Also, the most frequent scores at the majors are 16-14 and 16-8, both happened 19 times so far.


Talking about match duration, the longest match at the majors was a semi-final at DH Winter 2014 between SwedenNiP and, that lasted 91 rounds.


There a lot of organizations, which competed and compete on Valve-supported tournaments, but the only three that were present at every event so far are NiP, Swedenfnatic and UkraineNatus Vincere. NiP also is a record-holder of participating in grand-finals: NiP made it to the final of all five majors, losing four and winning one (ESL One Cologne 2014). Five organizations will be at their first major - InternationalKinguin, BrazilLuminosity, AustraliaRenegades, PolandeBettle and AustraliaImmunity, while Germanymousesports, FranceEnVyUs, DenmarkTSM and United StatesCLG are heading into their second.


Every player proudly represents his country and what about number of countries, which were represented on these tournaments? Statistics say that 22 different countries were represented at the majors so far. At the upcoming major Sweden will have the most representatives (11) once again. By the way, Portugal (Portugalfox) and Turkey (Turkeygob b) will be represented for the first time.


EnVyUs will be the youngest team at the event with a 21.8 average squad age and will be the oldest team on average with 25.6. The oldest player at the tournament is PolandTaZ and the youngest one is Brazilboltz. It should be mentioned that no player will celebrate birthday during the event, but the CS:GO game itself will celebrate its 3rd birthday on August 21st, the second day of the event.


The highest rated player at the majors overall is PolandSnax but he is not the best fragger, who is FranceapEX with 0.84 kills per round. SwedenJW has the most total AWP kills at the majors (247), while SlovakiaGuardiaN has the most on average (0.46 per round).


We hope, you found something interesting and extended your CS:G0 knowledge. Now watch ESL One Cologne 2015 and support your favorite team!



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