eSports section at ESPN


Popular sports TV-channel ESPN will begin covering eSports events in their news outlets. The list of vacancies has been recently posted on the official website of the channel. They're looking for the editor that will oversee all esports coverage and be in charge of the new department, where a number of journalists, including famous US reporters, will create an esports content .

As you can see, the TV-channel owned by Disney expresses quite serious interest in the esports. Considering that ESPN structure includes print media, radio and other units, the new department will cover esports events not only for their USA viewers, but also for their world audience. At the end of the last year, ESPN president John Skipper stated that his broadcasting network won’t have a place for esports, so this decision seems a bit confusing. Maybe, the new statistics of the channel that could be improved with The International broadcast, made them change their mind.


This ESPN studio will be great for covering huge eSports tournaments


The eSports department of ESPN will be focused on such disciplines as League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and StarCraft 2. However, the announcement says that the editor-in-chief of this department will have to be good at some other games, too. The fact that such a serious television channel creates a whole new section means that eSports is getting more and more interesting for today's media. Most probably, in some time the entire world will be able to witness the first ESPN live broadcasts of the huge eSports events from all over the world.



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