Studying eSports in Norway


This August a private school in Norway will begin a new program, which includes three year course in Dota 2, CS:GO and League of Legends. The school's program is standard, but the students will enjoy additional lessons of popular eSports games. Upon completion of education, the students will obtain Grade Point Average (GPA). GPA influences the University, in which the graduates of the school can apply.

The head of the school sain in an interview to Norwegian website Gamer, that they made special premises for eSports lessons with powerful computers and special chairs for gamers. Each week the participants will spend 5 hours per week to study eSports. The creators of the course will engage prominent eSportsmen. Skype lessons by famous players and special streams for the students will be available. Additionally, eSportsmen from Norway will be invited to the school.

The eSports program will consist of the lessons on planning strategies and tactics, special training to improve reaction and reflexes, as well as exercises, which enable the players to withstand many hours sitting in front of PC. It has also been stated that a team will be created to participate at local League of Legends tournaments. All the participants of the program of Garnes Videregående Skole will attend eSports tournaments to see how they work. The course begins in August 2016. The applications are accepted till 1 March on the program's website.



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