eSports as a Business

Moritz Zimmermann, also known as MooseWD, the man behind  “The International - Growing Giant” is back with a new remarkable work. He filmed a short documentary titled “eSports as a Business”, that explores the history of eSports and the people involved in it. The film features popular personalities such as TobiWan, ReDeYe and Valve’s Erik Johnson. eSports are one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment, with prize pools increasing and new players emerging on the scene, it seems that eSports have a bright future ahead.
Back when eSports were a shadow of what they are today, commentators, in order to work, had to spend money out of their own pockets for travel expenses. TobiWan even says that he was close to taking a $30,000 loan from the bank to buy the machine that he needed to do his job. Today, we take eSports events and commentators for granted but, until recently a lot of events didn’t even have a commentary. Developers now look at eSports as the future and try to build their new releases focused on both community and pro players feedback.
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