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The European Championship is over! On the whole, it went fairly well for our team, considering that Heroes of the Storm squad have become the European champions, and Sweden  Sebastian «Na`Vi.Ostkaka» Engwall has managed to secure the spot at the final part of the tournament, held in America. Nevertheless, the match day of our team is still going on. In a few hours, Germany  Sebastian «Na`Vi.XiXo» Bentert will play another game within the framework of The eSports Arena

As for the tournament itself, the list of its participants is actually comparable to the one conducted in Prague. The strongest players of America and a few Europeans have gathered together to prove themselves. Such players as United States StrifeCroUnited States TrumpUnited States ReynadUnited States TidesofTime are among the participants. The prize pool of The eSports Arena reaches $ 25 000.

Yesterday, the group stage of the tournament determined eight playoff participants.  Germany XiXo was seeded into the difficult group B, together with  United States JabUnited States Zalae and United States Hyped. Unfortunately for all fans, he started his performance from the defeat to  United States Jab. Other two matches were also very intense: he won against  United States Zalae in a close game (3:2), and then scraped the victory over United States Hyped with the same score. Thanks to those two wins, Sebastian has got an opportunity to advance out of the group from the second place and continue his fight in playoff.




Sebastian "Xixo" Bentert Germany
Greece Apostolos "Hawkeye" Karaiskos   



His first opponent is going to be a famous player Greece Hawkeye. So far, this year has been quite successful for him in terms of results: he’s managed to reach the semifinal of Gfinity 2015 — Summer Masters I, and win second place at CN vs EU Season 2, having lost to Ukraine Kolento with a close 3:2 score. Greece Hawkeye is in very good shape indeed, and his first place in the group proves it out. But anyway,  Germany XiXo is capable of winning against him. We hope that today all the odds will be in our player’s favor, and he will show what he can!

If Germany XiXo beats  Greece Hawkeye, we will once again see him in action, since the championship ends today. Let’s cheer for him together! Further information can be found in our coverage.

Playoff bracket:

1 Greece F2K.Hawkeye
3Germany XiXo
3Germany XiXo
WinGermany XiXo
3 Germany Na`Vi.XiXo
3 United States Astrogation
2United States Astrogation
2 United States Cloud9.TidesofTime
3 United States Hearthlytics.Jab
3United States Jab
1United States Jab
2 United States Archon.Firebat
1 United States Cloud9.StrifeCro
1United States Chakki
3 United States Dignitas.Chakki






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