ESWC 2015 LAN-finals coverage


One of the largest tournaments of this summer - ESWC 2015 will be held in Canadian city of Montreal on 9-12 July. Sixteen teams from all over the world will be competing over the big prize pool of $ 150 000, $ 75 000 of which are spent as travel support for the teams. The games will begin on 10 July 16:00 CEST.


Final placements of the Top 8 teams

top 1 Place — Ukraine Natus Vincere — 30 000 $

top 2 Place — United States Cloud 9 — 15 000 $

top 3-top 4 Place — Ukraine FlipSid3, France EnVyUs — 8 000 $

top 5-top 8 Place — United States Liquid, Denmark SK Gaming, Sweden NiP, Australia Renegades  — 3 500 $






13th of  July

  • 01:50  
  • 01:45 - That concludes the report from ESWC 2015. Today our team won another significant trophy and became the strongest! Thank you to all those who, for several sleepless nights, suffered and suffered with us for your favorite team! The next tournament in which our players will perform, will  be FACEIT League 2015 Stage 2. So very soon we will be able to, once again, enjoy the games of our favorite team. See you later!
  • 01:35 - The boys definitely deserved to take the grand prize!!! Another trophy goes to Kiev, Ukraine!


  • 01:29Russian Federation flamie is happy about the win:
  • 01:23Ukraine Natus Vincere are your ESWC Montreal 2015 champions!!! Congratulations, guys!!!


  • 01:21 - One match-point left ...
  • 01:19 - Two match-points seperates the boys from the championship ...
  • 01:14 - Score is 13:13. The match continues to be intense. Now it's United States Minor Outlying Islands Cloud9's turn to take a pause.
  • 00:55 - The pause has paid off - the guys are back in the game! The teams are changing sides now.

  • 00:42 - Not the game our guys wanted to have on de_overpass. The team decides to take a timeout.

  • 00:31 - The pistol round could not be won by the Ukraine Natus Vincere players.
  • 00:29 - The Ukraine Na'Vi CS:GO boys win the knife round and decide to start on CT side.
  • 00:20 - Our FIFA player Ukraine Yozhyk keeps his fingers crossed and wishes our CS:GO team only the best for the last and decisive map!
  • 00:14 - It was a fierce fight but in the end United States Minor Outlying Islands Cloud9 snatches victory. Now everything will be decided on de_overpass!

12th of  July

  • 23:49 - First half goes to Ukraine Na'Vi once again.

  • 23:46 - Phenomenal round by Ukraine Edward and Russian Federation seized! The boys win a 2vs5 situation! Ace for Denis!

  • 23:32 - The match series continues! This time United States Minor Outlying Islands Cloud9 wins the pistol round.

  • 23:20 - The five CS:GO players from Natus Vincere managed to win the first map without much trouble! Next map will be dust2!
  • 23:12 - The "Born To Win" players win the first half of de_inferno! 13:2 was the score.

  • 22:50 - The match has just started! Ukraine Na'Vi wins the first pistol round!

  • 22:40 - Only a few minutes left until the match stars. Keep your fingers crossed!


  • 22:25 - These maps will be played: de_inferno, de_dust2 and de_overpass.
  • 22:10 - We are looking forward to the match:

  • 21:05 - New videos from Canada are uploaded constantly to the  Na`Vi.CS: GO YouTube channel. We can recommend to watch them!
  • 20:50Ukraine ceh9 preparing a "surprise" for the children, in case of victory in the tournament
  • 20:40 - It seems that Ukraine FlipSid3 will not play in the same composition
  • 20:35 - Statistics of our semi-final match:
  • 20:30Russian Federation seized shares his thoughts on Twitter:
  • 20:25 - If you don't know what to do while waiting for the grand finals, you can watch the grand finals of the Female CS:GO teams at ESWC 2015, it will start in a few minutes: 
  • 20:23 - Russian Federation seized is happy about the victory:
  • 20:20Russian Federation flamie tweeted:
  • 20:05 - Interesting fact: Both teams, which are playing in the finals, have not lost a single map in this tournament!
  • 19:57 - The grand finals are scheduled for 23:00.
  • 19:52 - Ukraine Natus Vincere close out the series with a win on the second map and advance to the grand-final!
  • 19:49 - A very convincing 14:1 win in the first half  for Ukraine Na`Vi.


  • 19:42 - The match is unpaused! 
  • 19:39 - Things don't go as Ukraine FlipSid3 wish they would. They take a timeout.

  • 19:25 - Teams started their fight on de_inferno! Born to Win start on CT-side and take the first pistol round.

  • 19:15 - Such a confident performance from Ukraine Na`Vi in the second half on CT-side! In order to reach the grand-final, our guys now need to win their map-pick!

  • 18:59 -The first half was quite close,  Ukraine Natus Vincere have a 8:7 lead for now.

  • 18:34 - The match has started! United States Hiko takes the pistol round for Ukraine FlipSid3.


  • 18:32 - Bans and picks:

  • 18:25 - The match will start in just a few minutes! GLHF to our guys!
  • 18:11 - Ukrainian teams will compete on following maps: de_mirage, de_inferno and de_train.
  • 17:52 - That is how Slovakia Guardian's preparation for the match vs Ukraine FlipSid3 looked like:
  • 17:43 - United States Cloud 9 beat France EnVyUs and advance to the grand final!

  • 17:34 - 15:15! France EnVyUs continue fighting, bringing the second map into overtime.


  • 17:17 - United States Cloud 9 take the lead in the first half again


  • 16:56 - Teams started their game on de_cobblestoneUnited States Cloud 9 take the first pistol round.

  • 16:42 - Americans win with a 16:8 score. The next map is de_cobblestone — France EnVyUs' map pick.

  • 16:30 - The first map ends in 10:5 favor of United States Cloud 9.

  • 16:08 - The game is now ON!
  • 16:05 - While we are waiting for the beginning of the match, you can read a short interview with  Russian Federation flamie here.
  • 16:00 - The maps are already determined! The teams will play on de_train, de_cobblestone and de_overpass.


  • 15:55 - Good afternoon, dear friends! Welcome to the third, and the last, day of the ESWC 2015 tournament! The match between  United States Cloud 9 and France EnVyUs is just about to begin. Shortly after that we will be able to spectate a clash between two Ukrainian teams -  Ukraine Natus Vincere against Ukraine FlipSid3,  which is sheduled for 18.30 CEST. 



  • 03:25 - It was a very good day! Good night!
  • 03:20 - And now we know all matches which will be played tomorrow: United States Cloud 9 agaisnt France EnVyUs, and Ukraine Natus Vincere vs Ukraine FlipSid3.
  • 03:14 - Ukraine Natus Vincere won the match 2:0! Good job, guys.



  • 03:05 - First half ends in UkraineNa`Vi`s favor. Pistol round is also won by  UkraineNatus Vincere!


  • 02:45 - Match has already started! Ukraine Na`Vi won the pistol round!


  • 02:42 - Team is ready to win!


  • 03:32 - Ukraine Na`Vi won the first map. Next map will be de_train.


  • 02:19 Na`Vi won the first half 9:6.

  • 01:55 Na`Vi started the game! GLHF
  • 01:22 - Incredible! Ukraine FlipSid3 are doing wonders! The guys beat Sweden NiP on de_overpass with a 16:12 score and advance to semi-finals!
  • 01:02 - Ukraine FlipSid3 take a 9:6 lead in the first half. 

  • 00:31 - The decider map is about to begin. Sweden NiP players win the knife round and choose a CT-side.
  • 00:20 - Ukraine FlipSid3 managed to stop Sweden NiP's comeback and win the map with a 16:10 score. The winner will be decided on de_overpass.
  • 00:03 - Such a great CT-side performance from the Ukrainian team! First half ends 13:2.


11th of  July

  • 23:42 - Teams keep on fighting on the 2nd map - Mirage! Ukraine FlipSid3 take the pistol round.
  • 23:24 - Sweden NiP clinch the convincing win over Ukraine FlipSid3 with a 16:1 score.
  • 23:22 - Very solid defense on CT-side from the Swedish team. The score after the first half is 14:1.


  • 22:59 - Fortunately, the pause didn't last for long. The match continues!
  • 22:55 - The game has started!  Sweden NiP have won the first pistol round and straight after that match has been paused again. 


  • 22:50 - The maps are already determined — de_infernode_mirage and de_overpass.
  • 22:30 - And the next clash of the day will be Sweden NiP against Ukraine FlipSid3. We would like to remind you that Ukrainians are playing with a stand-in on this tournament.


  • 22:25 -  France EnVyUs win the second map 16:13 in a close game and advance to semi-finals
  • 21:54 - France EnVyUs win the first half with a 9:6 score. Denmark SK Gaming will try to fight back on CT-side.

  • 21:40 - ESWC difficulties occured because of repeated DDOS attacks. Now the match is unpaused and problems seem to be solved.
  • 21:19 - ... but not for long.
  • 21:10 - The match is now ON!
  • 20:40 - The game is paused again, with more technical problems arising.  
  • 20:17 - The clash on the second map de_cache has already started! France EnVyUs take the pistol round.

  • 20:05 - France EnVyUs win the first map over Denmark SK Gaming with a 16:6 score. 

  • 19:53 - France EnVyUs started off very strong on their T-side on Train, scoring 12 points against Danish team. 


  • 19:30 - The second quarter-final will start in a few moments.  France EnVyUs and Denmark SK Gaming will compete on de_cachede_train and de_cobblestone.
  • 19:00 - The first match is finally over! United States Cloud9 advance to the semifinals, as they clinch a 16:14 win on the second map.
  • 18:40 -  United States Cloud 9 takes a strong lead in the first half:

  • 18:20 - Americans still can not finish their match because of those issues.
  • 17:45 - The match is paused due to small technical problems.
  • 17:25 - The second map is de_inferno. Perhaps, the winner of the clash will be determined on it. 
  • 17:13 - The first map goes the way of United States Cloud 9 as they manage to take a 16:11 win after a very strong start of  United States Team Liquid. In order to advance to semifinals,

   United States Cloud9 players need to win Inferno.


  • 16:52 - The game is getting more and more interesting - the first half ends in United States Team Liquid`s favor – 9:6.
  • 16:28 - The first match of the day has just started after a short delay!
  • 15:55 - Good afternoon, dear friends! The second gaming day of ESWC 2015 has begun. Today we will see four quarter-final matches in BO3 format. The first game of the day will start in just a few minutes, in which two American teams - United States Cloud 9 and United States Liquid,  will compete to reach the semi-finals. Maps of the match are de_overpass, de_inferno and de_cache (if needed).  Ukraine Natus Vincere will play against Australian team Australia Renegades at 23:30 CEST.


  • 03:10 - That concludes the report from the first day of the ESWC 2015. Ukraine Na'Vi will play the last quarterfinal against Australia Renegades. Kick-off is scheduled for 23:30.
  • 03:06 - The miracle did not happen. France EnVyUs beat United States Minor Outlying Islands CLG with a score of 16:10.
  • 02:58 - Australia Renegades wins against South Africa Bravado with a score of 16:5. If the last match between France EnVyUs and United States Minor Outlying Islands CLG ends in the favour of the US team, then three teams of Group D will have 6 points!
  • 02:54 - The match between Denmark SK Gaming against France Titan ended. The Danish team won 16:8. Because of that the French are out of the tournament.
  • 02:50 - The team is very happy:
  • 02:46 - Natus Vincere defeats  United States Luminosity 16:7 and take first place in group!


  • 02:10 - First half was won by UkraineNatus Vincere.


  • 02:10 - Match was started! Ukraine Na`Vi won pistol round. GuardiaN got 4 kills!


  • 02:05 - Match will begin in few minutes! Map will be de_inferno.
  • 01:30 - Russian Federation flamie on twitter:
  • 01:25 - Last mach for UkraineNa`Vi today will be against United States Luminosity, who are now playing versus Denmark SK Gaming.
  • 01:16 - UkraineNatus Vincere won against there opponents with a score of 16:2. Again Ukraine Edward presented us a beautifull moment! He won a 1vs3 situation.



  • 01:12 - Ukraine Na`Vi just destroyed France Titan in first-half, and an HE grenade from Ukraine Edward became «The best moment of match»!


  • 00:49 - Match was started! Pistol round was won by FranceTitan.



  • 00:30 - All players are already on the server. We are waiting for the start of the match. Map will be de_mirage.


10th of July

  • 23:58 - France Titan beat United States Minor Outlying Islands Luminosity with a score of 16:7. We look forward to the match against the French team.
  • 23:23 - There are problems in the match between United States CLG vs Australia Renegades as well. Game was paused.
  • 22:59 - The French and the Americans are having some difficulties in their match. Therefore the match is paused for now.
  • 22:57 - Meanwhile, Russian Federation flamie said the following on Twitter:
  • 22:55 - The next match of our guys will be against France Titan. The French guys are still playing their match against the American team United States Minor Outlying Islands Luminosity, so that Ukraine Zeus and his team mates can relax a bit.
  • 22:46 - What a nice start! UkraineNa`Vi takes a convincing 16:8 win over DenmarkSK. Good job from our guys!

  • 22:35 - The first half of the match ends in our favor with a 9:6 score.

  • 22:10 -  The first match betweenUkraineNatus Vincere and DenmarkSK has started! Let's keep our fingers crossed! 



  • 21:10 UkraineNatus Vincere players - Russian Federationseized and Russian Federationflamie, are already in the gaming zone. Guys didn't have the time to rest after their flight, so the first few matches can be quite tought. 
  • 20:50 - SwedenNiP is a leader of group B. United StatesTeam Liquid advances as 2nd. Waiting for the matches of our guys from UkraineNatus Vincere.

  • 20:50 - United StatesCloud 9 clinches the 10:16 win over Ukraine FlipSid3. Thus, Americans advance as 1st of group A, and Ukrainians as 2nd.



  • 20:33 - Ukraine FlipSid3 wins the first half on de_cache. That is a good result, considering they started as the Terrorist faction.
  • 20:10 - The decisive match in Group A has started. Ukraine FlipSid3 wins the pistol round.



  • 19:50 - Russian Federation seized and Russian Federation flamie are already in Montreal at the passport control in the airport.
  • 19:37 - Sweden NiP didn't give the Americans of United States Minor Outlying Islands Team Liquid any chance. 16:2 in favor of Swedish players.
  • 19:32 - According to Denmark SK Gaming's Friis group «D» is - the hardest in this tournament.
  • 19:23 - United StatesCloud9 defeats BrazilKeyd Stars 16:6. Next match will be UkraineFlipSid3 Tactics vs United StatesCloud9.
  • 19:07 - UkraineFlipSid3 defeats their opponent 16:4 and the are now leading their group.
  • 19:00 - UkraineFlipSid3 wins the first half 12:3. 



  • 18:40 - UkraineFlipSid3 is playing against CanadaBoreal eSports now! If the Ukrainen team wins, they will advance to the playoffs!



  • 18:20 - Meanwhile United States Minor Outlying Islands Cloud9 and Sweden NiP smash their opponents with the same score - 16:4.
  • 18:15Ukraine FlipSid3 managed to win the match against Brazil Keyd Stars with a score of 16:13. The Ukrainian team was fighting for every round and it was a close game, but a successful half on the defender side secured their win. A very strong opponent was defeated by Ukraine FlipSid3.
  • 17:53 - Brazil Keyd Stars managed to take the lead in the first half of the match.



  • 17:30 - The first ESWC match between Brazil Keyd Stars and Ukraine FlipSid3 has already kicked off.  Do not forget that the Ukrainian team is playing with a stand-in.



  • 16:50 - As usual, every major tournament starts with a delay, but organizers claim that the first games will start in 15 minutes:
  • 16:35 - Two players of Ukraine Na'Vi's CS:GO team are on their way to Canada: 
  • 16:30 - Good evening, dear friends! We start reporting from  ESWC 2015. Today the group stage of the championship will be played. The matches of Groups A and B will begin very soon! Matches of Ukraine Natus Vincere are scheduled for 21:30 CEST.


9th of July 

  • Russian Federation seized and Russian Federation flamie successfully obtained their visa and will participate in the tournament. For more information, you can read this news.
  • — See the first video from Canada Canada on our Youtube channel.
  • — In this album you can find all the photos from Montreal in Canada Canada.


Group stage

# Team V D L S
1. United States Cloud9 3 0 0 9
2. Ukraine FlipSid3  2 0 1 6
3. Brazil Keyd Stars 1 0 2 3
4. Canada Boreal eSports 0 0 3 0
# Team V D L S
1. Sweden NiP 3 0 0 9
2. United States Liquid 2 0 1 6
3. France QEEYOU 1 0 2 3
4. China LDLC White 0 0 3 0
# Team V D L S
1. Ukraine Na`Vi 3 0 0 9
2. France SK Gaming 2 0 1 6
3. Denmark Titan 1 0 2 3
4. United StatesLuminosity 0 0 3 0
# Team V D L S
1. France EnVyUs 3 0 0 9
2. AustraliaRenegades 2 0 1 6
3. United StatesCLG 1 0 2 3
4. South Africa Bravado 0 0 3 0

Match schedule:


Firday, 10 July

Group А Group В
1st round. Time: 16:00 CEST / 10:00 EDT
 United States Cloud9 [16:4] Boreal eSports Canada  Sweden NiP [16:4] QEEYOU China
 Ukraine FlipSid3 [16:13] Keyd Stars Brazil  United States Liquid [16:13] LDLC White France


2nd roundTime: 17:30 CEST / 11:30 EDT
 United States Cloud9 [16:6] Keyd Stars Brazil  Sweden NiP [16:8] LDLC White France
Canada Boreal eSports [4:16] FlipSid3 Ukraine  China QEEYOU [6:16] Liquid United States
3rd roundTime: 19:00 CEST / 13:00 EDT
 United States Cloud9 [16:10] FlipSid3 Ukraine  Sweden NiP [16:2] Liquid United States
 Brazil Keyd Stars [16:03] Boreal eSports Canada France LDLC White [13:16] QEEYOU China
Group C Group D
1st roundTime: 21:30 CEST / 15:30 EDT
Ukraine Na`Vi [16:8] SK Gaming Denmark  France EnVyUs [16:3] Bravado South Africa
 France Titan [16:7] Luminosity United States  United States CLG [13:16] Renegades Australia
2nd roundTime: 23:00 CEST / 17:00 EDT
Ukraine Na`Vi [16:7] Luminosity United States France EnVyUs [16:6] Renegades Australia
Denmark SK Gaming [16:8] Titan France South Africa Bravado [7:16] CLG United States
3rd roundTime: 00:30 CEST / 18:30 EDT
Ukraine Na`Vi [16:2] Titan France France EnVyUs [16:10] CLG United States
United States Luminosity [11:16] SK Gaming Denmark Australia Renegades [16:5] Bravado South Africa


2United States Cloud 9
2United States Cloud 9
1United States Cloud 9
WinUkraine Na'Vi
0United States Liquid 
2France EnVyUss
0France EnVyUs
0Denmark SK Gaming
1Sweden NiP
0Ukraine FlipSid3
2Ukraine Na`Vi
2Ukraine FlipSid3
2Ukraine Na`Vi
2Ukraine Na`Vi
0Australia Renegades


Match schedule


Saturday, 11 July

1st quarterfinal 16:00 CEST United States Minor Outlying Islands Cloud9  [2:0] United States Minor Outlying Islands Team Liquid

2nd quarterfinal 18:30 CEST Ukraine EnvyUs [2:0] Australia SK Gaming

3rd quarterfinal 21:00 CEST Sweden NiP [1:2] Ukraine FlipSid3

4th quarterfinal 23:30 CEST France Na'Vi [2:0] Denmark Renegades


Sunday, 12 July

1st  semifinal 16:00 CEST United StatesCloud9 [2:0] FranceEnvyUs

2nd  semifinal 18:30 CEST UkraineNa`Vi [2:0] UkraineFlipSid3

Final 23:00 CEST United States Minor Outlying Islands Cloud9 [1:2] Ukraine Na'Vi



  • Group stage - each team plays against each team (bo1 format); two strongest teams of the group get to play off.
  • Play off - is held under the single elimination system (olympic system). The format of the matches is bo3.
  • Grand final is held in bo5.



  • Canada Montreal is the largest city of Québec province and the second largest city of Canada. It was initially called Ville-Marie (the city of Mary). The name Montreal derived from "Mont Royal" hill ("royal mountain"), located in the center of the city.



The winner of the last year tournament

  • Last year Sweden fnatic won the tournament, having defeated the French team France LDLC and got $ 20 000 as a prize pool. The total prize pool was $ 50 000 then.



Prize pool ($ 150 000)*

top 1 place — 30 000 $

top 2 place — 15 000 $

top 3-top 4 places — 8 000 $

top 5-top 8 places — 3 500 $

Half of the sum (75 000 $) is provided as travel-support


List of participants

  • Ukraine Natus Vincere: Zeus, Edward, GuardiaN, seized, flamie
  • Ukraine FlipSid3 Tactics: B1ad3, bondik, WorldEdit, markeloff, s1mple
  • Sweden NiP: friberg, GeT_RiGhT, f0rest, Xizt, allu
  • Denmark SK Gaming: AcilioN, Berry, Friis, SandeN, Tenzki
  • France Team EnVyUs: shox, kioShiMa, NBK, SmithZz, Happy
  • France LDLC White: bodyy, Fuk5, to1nou, DEVIL, matHEND
  • France Titan: kennyS, RpK, Ex6TenZ, Maniac, apEX
  • United States Cloud9: sg@res, n0thing, fREAKAZOID, Skadoodle, shroud
  • United States Luminosity: pyth, anger, ptr, NAF-FLY, LeX
  • United States Team Liquid: adreN, nitr0, FugLy, EliGE, flowsicK
  • United States CLG: reltuC, Hazed, ptr, tarik, FNS
  • China QEEYOU: advent, aumaN, MoriartyS, zhonG, Reaction
  • South Africa Bravado Gaming: Detrony, deviaNt, racno, Lighter, Flarez
  • Brazil Keyd Stars: FalleN, steel, zqkS, fer, boltz
  • Australia Renegades: Spunj, Havoc, Yam, AZR, jks
  • Canada Ze PuG GODZ:  n0swal, fruit, saV, maxmeister, MARIO


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