ESWC 2011 Group Stage seedings revealed


It's only three days left for ESWC 2011 to start and from October, 21st to October, 25th we will witness one of the most prestigious tournaments in image Paris, France. Last night tournament committee has revealed Counter-Strike seedings for the groupstage which you can see below:

 Group А

image AGAiN
image Lions
image ESC
image Antwerp Aces
image  TRI

Group B

image SK-Gaming
image M5
image DTS
image 3Dmax
image eSrael

Group C

image Na`Vi
image Winfakt
image Anexis
image Defs
image Viva 

Group D

image fnatic
image Mousesports
image Virus
image Alternate
image OurGame 

We've decided to catch image Arseniy "ceh9" Trynozhenko and ask him few questions before the tournament:

What do you think about the seedings?

Our group looks quite strong, three favorites for the top two place and the best Portugese team. I think it is going to be hot. But that's World Championship, after all.

How long have you been practicing?

Well, I would combine practicing both for SEC and ЕSWC. If so, it makes three weeks overall. But of course we had some pauses otherwise we would kill each other =). The tournament is very important for us because it is 5th of 6 World Championships in 2010-2011 + we are "defending champions".

How would you predict the groupstage results?

I don't see any intrigue. But probably both M5 and DTS would be able to outplay SK. Other groups are obvious.

What do you think about Winfakt who have been doing pretty good lately? Your thought about their lineup?

I think they won't be able to show such stable result as top 3 on this world ranked tournament with the best teams competing. Their fast and agressive gameplay often lets them down especially in important rounds. They aim very well but still use the same tactics as good old N69-28E. But overall they are cool guys, Lurppis is our friend.

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