ESWC 2015 analysis


One of the biggest CS:GO events of this summer has ended. But, it has ended with our team’s victory! So, in this article we will recap the best moments of ESWC 2015; talk about current problems in FlipSid3, EnVyUS, Titan and NiP; and praise Cloud9 together with Ukraine Natus Vincere, who managed to win SLTV StarSeries XIII and ESWC 2015 in a row. 


In short, it was three extremely intense days, restless nights, cliff-hanging finals and such a long-awaited victory. Despite   fnatic, TSM and VP being absent, the event was still very spectacular. The games very almost never boring, there even were some intrigues and sensations. But the main thing is that viewers enjoyed the event.


Before ESWC 2015 fans were worried that  Ukraine Natus Vincere might not be able to get visas for Russian Federation seized and Russian Federation flamie. Fortunately, the visas were obtained in the very last moment. And straight from the plane seized and flamie got just in time for the first game and didn’t disappoint their teammates. Even after a long flight, one couldn’t tell they were tired. From the very beginning Ukraine Natus Vincere have shown they got to be reckoned with. Tree games and three victories secured a place for us in quarter-finals, and this is where you can’t find weak squads anymore. Thus, Na`Vi had to deal with Australians from Renegades, the former Vox Eminor, who used to play on the level field with fnatic.


When the game finally started, it was early morning in Europe and late evening in Australia. All this because of DDoS attacks, since the event turned out to be unprepared for such things, as they followed organizers up to the finals. Nevertheless, teams were on equal footing, so there was nothing to complain of. The match didn’t last long. Australians seemed to be out of place and couldn’t find there game. Thus, our guys achieved a confident victory and sent Renegades home. Next up was a semi-final game versus FlipSid3, colored in yellow and blue. However, after an intense struggle with NiP in the quarter-final, FlipSid3 have just burnt out, as it happens to them quite often. As a result, Na`Vi conceded only 8 rounds on mirage and 1 on inferno. Frankly speaking, it was not the kind of game, everyone was hoping for.   



Finals didn’t fall short, however, even though it started with a “slaughter of the innocent” game on inferno. In this one-sided game the Americans won only 3 rounds. Still, they managed to turn it around on dust, after our team let the guard down and lost in terms of organization. It all came down to overpass. First few rounds couldn’t be worse for Ukraine Natus Vincere, forcing them to take a time-out. After that, our team made a little comeback and the first half ended with a slight advantage for the Americans. And then it was mind games and a bit of luck. Ukraine Natus Vincere managed to snatch the 16th round being two men down.


Apart from that, one shouldn’t forget to give Cloud9 some credit. In only a couple of months, these guys managed to become the top non-EU squad. Famous for their experienced n0thing, this team looks decent in any aspect of the game. Thus, it is now crucial not to lose pace and prove themselves even more on upcoming tournaments.  



Meanwhile, solid teams like Titan and NiP appear to have some internal issues. Titans can’t make it out of the group even with masters like apex, RpK and KennyS. Yesterday CEO of EnVyUs made a statement about some upcoming changes in the roster, and this is happening in a team, which made it to the final and semi-final of the last two events. So, what should we expect from Titan? Probably, some similar radical changes, everyone’s been waiting for. And with two of the best French squads changing, will we see Titan’s leaders playing for EnVyUs?


Now let’s consider NiP and FlipSid3. The Ukrainian team is about to change, as their best player, Alexander “s1mple” Kostylev, has left the team after dreadful semi-finals. “I just don’t like the way some of my teammates play. They make tons of mistakes you simply can’t forgive. I don’t think I’m the best player in the world or even in my team, but I’m confident and I try to become the best, but I’m not there yet”, stated Alexander right after the game vs Ukraine Natus Vincere. What else can we say? Obviously, s1mple was the best player on FlipSid3 and the team’s game was centered around him. Anyway, let’s not rush into conclusions, it might have been his way to express emotions. If you are to leave a team, you should be confident about your future. And there probably are no strong teams on the CIS scene, apart from Ukraine Natus Vincere. As for an international squad, it is an open question whether Alexander can fit in one. 



The Swedes from NiP have a different story to tell. Players on this team are very strong and skillful. The only one, who could be swapped, is allu. However, psychological and motivational atmosphere is very low in the team, and it can be seen from far away. It is not the first event, where NiP lose to no one else, but themselves. Thus, it is important for them to analyze the situation and draw conclusions, as they no longer have the needed unity.


ESWC 2015 has shown that Ukraine Natus Vincere are well-oiled and ready to rock. At the same time, Na’Vi’s closest opponents (NiP, EnVyUs, Titan and FlipSid3) are not so fit. What should we expect? Probably, some transfers in the nearest future. 

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