Na`Vi invited to ESWC CIS 2015!


Recently a list of teams that got invites to the final part of regional qualifiers of ESWC 2015 was announced. Four teams got on the list: UkraineNatus Vincure, InternationalHellRaisers, UkraineFlipsid3 Tactics and Russian FederationAces.


The full list of participants of the final part of qualifiers includes 10 teams: four abovementioned teams and 6 winners of qualifiers in Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Baltic countries.


The qualifiers of the CIS countries will be conducted from 19 till 21 June in Moscow at Moscow Cyber Stadium. The final stage of ESWC 2015 will be held in Montreal on 9-12 July. The tournament prize pool is $ 75 000.


Ukraine Natus Vincere
International HellRaisers
Russian Federation Russia's Champion
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan's Champion
International Baltic's Champion 
Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics
Russian Federation Aces
Ukraine Ukraine's champion
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan's Champion
Belarus Belarus' Champion


Squads of invited teams:

Ukraine Natus Vincere: Zeus, Edward, flamie, GuardiaN, seized

International HellRaisers: ANGE1, Dosia, kucher, AdreN, MOU

Ukraine Flipsid3 Tactics: B1ad3, bondik, WorldEdit, markeloff, s1mple

Russian Federation Aces: toff, spyn, PLAZ, hooch, ub1que

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