ESWC in Montreal: what to expect?


Starting from 9 July Montreal will be hosting one of the biggest events of this summer, namely ESWC 2015. 16 teams will fight for $75 000. Notably, the event organizers pay for all the support costs like plane tickets and accommodation, which altogether makes the grand total prize pool $150 000.


Unpleasant issues and the absence of teams:


Visas are a common issue in esports. Officials often don't understand esports is a sport, just like football or chess


Despite decent prize pool in terms of CS:GO scene, some of the best teams will not be visiting the event, including fnatic, and Team SoloMid. However, there will still be plenty of action. Natus Vincere is also going to take part in the tournament, though our team had some issues with it.


It is not that easy to get a US or Canadian visa. And our Russian players happened to have troubles with visas for ESWC 2015. Denis Kostin commented on his Twitter, “Yesterday we got a refusal and we have just one day left to obtain visas. If it goes well, we won’t have to look for substitutes. Otherwise we would have to play with ceh9 and starix, who are ready to fill in”.


Fortunately enough, seized and flamie did manage to get their visas in the very last moment, which means Na`Vi will be playing at ESWC in their full roster. 



Tournament's favorites are Na`Vi, NiP, EnVyUs and Titan

The tournament will be hosting Canadian, American, Brazil, Chinese and even South African teams, though none of them are considered to be favorites. First of all, it would be interesting to watch NiP. They took a break after their last failed tournaments, so now ESWC 2015 is a chance for them to regain their good name. Natus Vincere have all the chances to compete with the Swedes. Apart from that, the best French teams, Team EnVyUs and Titan Esports, will also be present and fighting for the first place. One shouldn’t forget about two jokers – Keyd Stars and Flipsid3 Tactics. First ones are only starting their professional career, while the second team can easily make it to quarter finals or even higher. There is no point in discussing underdogs, as there will be plenty of them at the event. 

ESWC 2015 main event participants:
  • SwedenNiP
  • FranceTeam EnVyUs
  • UkraineNatus Vincere
  • FranceTitan
  • United StatesCloud9
  • BrazilKeyd Stars
  • AustraliaRenegades
  • United StatesTeam Liquid
  • United StatesCLG
  • DenmarkSK Gaming
  • ChinaQEEYOU
  • South AfricaBravado Gaming
  • United StatesLuminosity
  • UkraineFlipSid3 Tactics
  • FranceLDLC White
  • CanadaZe PuG GODZ

ESWC 2015 location:

Montreal is very beautiful, easpicially at night

Up until 2015 ESWC has been taking place in Paris, except for 2008 event in San Jose. Players wouldn’t have had any organizational moments, if the tournament had been held in Europe. Canada doesn’t host esports events very often, and ESWC 2015 was waiting for changes, since the tournament has started to lose its popularity.


  • Montreal is a decent location for this event. The city was once called the best one on our planet. It is worth mentioning that Montreal is a multicultural city, so here you can hear almost any language.


ESWC 2015 will be held within Mondial Des Jeux Loto-Quebec and Laughs Festival. 


Montreal’s key attractions:


  • Underground city is the set of interconnected complexes (both above and below ground), which is the largest underground complex in the world.
  • One of the best planetariums on Earth.
  • Numerous unique and beautiful parks.
  • World Trade Centre Montreal, holding a huge piece of the Berlin Wall.
  • Montreal Science Centre with its exciting exhibitions.


Last year's gold medallist, fnatic:


  • Last year’s prize pool accounted for $50 000, $20 000 of which were won by fnatic, who beat LDLC in the grand-finals.  Natus Vincere didn’t make it to the finals and lost to in the match for the third place.


ESWC 2015 prize pool distribution:

  • top 1 place — 30 000 $
  • top 2 place — 15 000 $
  • top 3 top 4 places — 8 000 $
  • top 5-8 places — 3 500 $
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