ESWC will host a CS:GO tournament on October 29 - November 1 within the framework of the Paris Games Week trade fair. 16 international teams will compete for a champions trophy and a total prize money of $ 80 000


Once again French teams will get a chance to compete with the strongest players of the world on their home ground in Paris. Top teams will be invited to take part in competition, including UkraineNatus Vincere, reigning ESWC champions, and the teams that won prizes in a few last tournaments.  Sweden fnaticSweden NiPFranceTEAM ENVYUSFranceTitan may be among them. A full list of participants will be announced in September.


In comparison to ESWC in Montreal, a few changes will be implemented. First, the prize-pool has risen by $ 5 000 and will be divided among the first 8 teams. Second, all ESWC 2015 PGW CS:GO matches will be held in BO3 format. As for the map pool, it is still unknow if de_nuke will be included in it. All further information must be announced a bit later. 


ESWC organizers note that the tournament is open for everybody and, therefore, all teams can take part in it by filling in a special form on the website.


Apart from CS:GO, Paris Games Week will feature other tournaments, such as FIFA 15, 2 Stadium, League of Legends Female and others. Every year, this video games trade fair gathers together thousands of gamers. For instance, in 2014, 272 000 attendees were registered. 



We would like to remind you that Natus Vincere (Ukraine ZeusUkraine EdwardSlovakiaGuardiaNRussian Federation seizedRussian Federation flamie) have recently won ESWC 2015 world championshipCompetition was held in Canada between 9 and 12 July. Born to Win managed to defeat United States Cloud9 in the grand-final.


top 1 place — $ 35 000

top 2 place — $ 15 000

top 3 place — $ 8 000

top 4 place — $ 8 000

top 5 place — $ 3 500

top 6 place — $ 3 500

top 7 place — $ 3 500

top 8 place — $ 3 500



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