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The Electronic Sports World Cup is an annual international competition of video gamers. It consists of several stages: national qualifiers and the Final held in Paris. The tournament, which welcomes the best gamers of the world, has been conducted for over 10 years now providing hundreds of thousands USD as prize pools to the winners. The brand is widely known in the E-sport world. HyperX division, Kingston has become the general sponsor of the qualifiers ESWC Russia & Ukraine.


Fine traditions of ESWC are preserved in 2014. 27 September - 12 October ESWC Russia & Ukraine Qualifiers for «Counter-Strike: Global Offensive» will be conducted in 2 stages.


First, the teams will fight for regional quotas in the format of online games and LAN. Online stage will be held separately for each region on the website,  while the LAN qualifications will be conducted on the greatest e-sports areas of Russia and Ukraine: “Moscow Cyber Stadium” and “Kyiv Cybersport Arena”. The winners of the qualifiers will obtain a slot invitation to the final part of qualifiers, which will be held in the format of "live link-up". They'll be fighting for the right to go to the Grand Final in Paris.


The live link-up will connect «Moscow Cyber Stadium» and «Kyiv Cybersport Arena», providing equal conditions for the participants and enabling the fans to see the matches with their own eyes and support the favorite teams.


All the qualifiers and final stages will be streamed on the website Follow our news to see the schedule of streams in our next announcements.


27 September: Online qualifiers UA – 1 quota
28 September: LAN-qualifiers RU in Game Center «Moscow Cyber Stadium» – 2 quotas (Beginning of registration 8:00 CET)
4 October: Online qualifiers RU – 1 quota
5 October:

LAN-qualifiers UA in Game Center «Kyiv Cybersport Arena» – 2 quotas

Provisional Registration: Fill in the form


11-12 October:

Final of the qualifiers in «Kyiv Cybersport Arena» and «Moscow Cyber Stadium», two strongest teams of the CIS region according to the ESL rating:  dAT team and  HellRaisers
29 October - 2 November: ESWC Grand Final - Paris Games Week


 Online qualifiers  
 Online qualifiers  


Prize pool of the qualifiers*:


1 place: Paid trip to the Grand Final
2 place: 5 x Steelseries Siberia Na’Vi edition
3 place: 5 x Steelseries Kana Black & Steelseries Qck+


* - team  Natus Vincere acquires automatic invitation to the Final stage in Paris.


Read more information about Online-qualifiers on the web-site


Only teams that consist of al least 3 citizens of Russia and Ukraine are allowed to participate in Russian and Ukrainiafn qualifiers.


Venues of LAN-qualifiers:


«Kyiv Cybersport Arena»
Address: Kyiv, 13 Vadim Hetman street
Game club: +380 (044) 585-91-43
Sport bar: +380 (044) 585-97-44

«Moscow Cyber Stadium»
Address: Moscow, 27 Dmitrovskoe shosse, b. 1
Telephone: +7 495 2320391



Partners of ESWC Russia & Ukraine Qualifiers:


HyperX is a subdivision of Kingston Technology, producing high-performance products. HyperX produces high-speed memory, solid-state drive, USBs, headsets and mousepads. HyperX Production is widely known all around the world due its high quality, performance and innovativeness. It is an optimal solution for the fans of high tech and creative professionals. HyperX is a sponsor of over 20 professional gamer teams all around the world. HyperX seeks to provide the most reliable products with the highest standards of performance.

HyperX presents a premium class headset for pro gamers - HyperX Cloud


Game Center "Kyiv Cybersport Arena" is one of the largest game centers in Europe. The fans of video games will find here a scene for competitions, over 100 modern computers with the best gamers' devices, regular streams of e-sports tournaments and a sport bar.



Moscow Cyber Stadium – is a center for e-sports events and a great pastime with friends playing your favorite games. The area of the club is 2500 sq. m. welcomes over 1000 people. It has modern devices, has 2 scenes, which are fully equipped for LAN-tournaments. Viewers' zones enable fans to watch the most interesting matches with comfort on huge screens, the bar serves tasty food.





Hosting for gaming servers «1GAME» is an effective combination of quality, exceptional professionalism of the specialists engaged, highest performance of equipment and competing prices. Our main goal is to support comprehensively of the domestic e-sports, supplemented by interesting special offers.
 is a professional Russian project in computer sports. The website of the project is the most popular Russian-speaking website about e-sports, following the news of a 20+ popular gaming disciplines. Monthly audience of the website is over 2 000 000 unique visitors. The casters and reporters travel all around the world to provide videos and photos to the website visitors.


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