ESWC 2015: The second day results

After the second matchday at ESWC, the fans of NiP can join the fans of Titan. Astonished and surprised they are, as nobody really believed that the Ukrainian team Flipsid3 could defeat the powerful Swedish crew of NiP, all the more the Ukrainians took a stand-in player.
Well, surprises at eSports are seldom planned or forecasted. The fist game at inferno ended absolutely naturally with the Swedes winning 16:1 easily. However, something went wrong with NiP afterwards. Their defence didn't work at all and the attack wasn't effective. The leaders of the team Sweden f0rest and Sweden GET_RIGHT began missing and making mistakes, they's never  made before. Meanwhile Finlandallu let the rivals pass by, once he didn't see Ukraine bondik, who was very close. 
Flipsides with Hiko made something unbelievable! Should they keep the stand-in player in their squad? He brings success
Meanwhile Sweden NiP should think twice about changing something in the squad. It is obvious, that the team doesn't perform on the same level compared to the previous year. The teams seems to require reshuffle for some time now. Anyway, those, who bet on Ukraine Flipside's victory, must be very happy now. 
As for Ukraine Na`Vi fans, the most important match of the day for us was the match of our team against the Australians. However, judging upon the quantity of the stream's viewers, most fans knew the results of the match in advance. The Australian team (former Vox Eminor) was a strong rival, but they didn't manage to oppose to Ukraine Natus Vincere. This quarterfinals match was the weakest of all. There was a true battle in the match between United States Cloud9 and United States Team Liquid. The match between Sweden NiP and Ukraine F3 was surprising. However, as concerns the match of our team against Australia Renegades was quick. The Australians seemed to oppose in the first half of overpass and yet lst 6:9. Afterwards, they managed to win only 2 rounds. Ukraine Na`Vi won 16:8. Australia Renegades didn't manage to defeat our team at train and lost it 16:5.
Team  analysing the game. Players are in good mood
Therefore, today we'll see two amazing semifinals: France EnVyUs vs United States Cloud9, which has turned into a very powerful team over a short period of time, and Ukraine Natus Vincere vs Ukraine FlipSid3. Either it will be the repeat of the recent StaLadder, or Ukraine FlipSid3 will surprise us once again.


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