Eternal conflict is about to end


Eternal conflict between the high heavens and the burning hells is coming to end. The portals to the world of Sanctuary, which opened a couple of months ago, will soon be closed, on 8 September in particular. This means that it's high time to hurry and participate in promo offers.


We remind you that the owners of Diablo III gained a number of presents from the developers: the free access to Diablo hero, the mount of the Heroes of the Storm universe, the frame for the portrait and the pennant in Diablo III. Simultaneously with the promo offer, a number of features of Diablo Universe were introduced in HotS: 4 heroes and 2 battlefields.



The treasure goblins promo is worth mentioning. Goblins spawn on the battleground only to become the prey fro gold hunting heroes. The best hunters will get a special portrait and a mount. You still have time to finish the task and destroy at least 50 goblins. If you fail, you can buy the mount in the ingame shop. It will be available till late October. Both battlefields: Battlefield of Eternity and Infernal Shrines won't disappear from the game and will be available in the current rotation.


No data on the similar upcoming events has been provided yet. However, we know for sure that the next hero introduced to Nexus will be Rexxar of WarCraft Universe. 


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