BlizzCon European Qualifiers


The format of the main HotS tournament of the year has already been announced and all players are ready to begin their preparation. BlizzCon qualifiers will take place in July, August and September, giving a huge number of participants the chance to prove themselves. Each qualifier will determine three teams that will compete in European finals. 



The first qualifier will start on 25 July. It is going to be a two-stage open tournament with a prize pool of $ 15 500. The group stage and play off matches of the qualifier will be conducted on different days – the most interesting matches, starting from quarter finals, will be played on 1-2 August. As for the second qualifier, it will take place in the middle of next month, and the last one – at the beginning of September. The best matches will be broadcasted live on ESL website.  


Because the tournament is open, everybody can fill in the online application and compete with the best HotS teams for the place in EU final. The closest qualifier includes lots of well-known teams, such as InternationalMYMRussian FederationM5International Team ALTERNATE FancyGermanyTeam KinguinRussian FederationTeam LiquidTeam ROCCAT and others.


As a result, 9 teams will get a chance to move on and take part in the European Championship, where 2 best teams will be determined. Those two will advance to Heroes of the Storm World Championship, which will be held within the framework of Blizzcon 2015 on 6 and 7 November in Anaheim, CA. 


The exact date of the European final will be announced later, probably at the end of August. Apart from that, we already know that its prize-pool hit $ 100 000. Also, $ 76 000 will be divided among teams that took part  in online qualifiers. 



top 1 qualifier — 15 500 $

top 2 qualifier — 25 100 $

top 3 qualifier — 35 400 $



Saturday, July 25, 14:00 CET — 2015 Europe Open #1 (registration)

Saturday, August 5, 14:00 CET — 2015 Europe Open #1 - Round of 8

Saturday, August 15, 14:00 CET — 2015 Europe Open #2 (registration)

Saturday, August 22, 14:00 CET — 2015 Europe Open #2 - Round of 8

Saturday, August 29, 14:00 CET  — 2015 Europe Open #3 (registration)

Saturday, September 5, 14:00 CET — 2015 Europe Open #3 - Round of 8

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