TI 2015: Europe. Results of the first day


The first day of European qualifiers for The International 2015  has ended. The first 10 games are over and we can now make some predictions regarding the teams passing the group stage or not. Let us remind you that the group stage will be over tomorrow and we will know the names of the 4 teams to go to the play-off.

As expected, the European region showed us some real struggle. But the biggest surprise of the day turned out to be the predicted outsiders. From the very first games we knew, there are no weak teams on the tournament.

Group A
# Team V-D-L Maps О
1. Finland 4 Anchors + Sea Captain 1-1-0 3-1 4
2. International Burden United 0-2-0 2-2 2
3. Sweden Alliance 0-2-0 2-2 2
4. Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas 0-1-0 1-1 1
5. Belarus Power Rangers 0-0-1 0-2 0


In a debut game Finland 4 Anchors + Sea Captain met Sweden Alliance. No one was treating “anchors” seriously, since the results of the team lately leave much to be desired. So the Swedes, being the fovourites for the game, were predicted to get an easy 2:0. But, to everyone’s surprise, Finnish team managed to secure a victory on the first map. However, in the second game they did not clinch the victory. Sweden Alliance met everybody’s expectations of them being one of the main play-off contender. Sweden AdmiralBulldog played brilliantly on his signature Natures ProphetNature's Prophet. We’ll see if the rivals of the Swedish team will ban this hero in the upcoming games. 


Draw with Sweden Alliance clearly gave Finland 4 Anchors some confidence. In the next game with Belarus Power Rangers they were in the zone. It took them only an hour to claim victory in the series. With that the Finns finished the day at the top of the group table. What an unexpected turn of events! This will definitely be one of the main sensations of the qualifiers, should they manage to nail down a success. 


In the rest of the matches of the group everyone received a slap in the face. International Burden United tied twice, first with Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas, and then with Sweden Alliance. As we know, draw gives both teams only one point, so no team should be okay with such a result. For this reason Sweden NIP now have the best chances among the three, as they have 3 more games to play, which transcribe in 10 potential points for the both days. 


Group B
# Team V-D-L Maps О
1. Ukraine Natus Vincere 2-0-1 4-2 6
2. Russian Federation Yellow Submarine 1-1-0 3-1 4
3. Greece London Conspiracy 1-0-1 2-2 3
4. Russian Federation HellRaisers 0-2-1 2-4 2
5. Russian Federation Vega Squadron 0-1-1 1-3 1


Let’s move on to the Group B, because this is the group of the most interest to our readers, as well as to the followers of the CIS Dota. Ukraine Natus VincereRussian Federation Vega Squadron and Russian Federation HellRaisers — these are the teams, holding the hopes of our fans. Leaping ahead, we can tell you that passions ran high in this group.


It all started with the game between Ukraine Natus Vincere and Greece London Conspiracy... 



For our team it seemed like and easy “go through” and like one of the weakest opponent in the qualifiers. It’ll be at least a draw if not a victory, as all the fans and analysts thought. But the Greeks did not share this opinion. Excellent strategy, well-orchestrated team moves, exceptional commitment all over the map lowered chances for Ukraine Natus Vincere to pass the group stage significantly. Quite a hurtful 0:2 loss baffled our team, while Greece London Conspiracy gained the top spot in the group table for the time being and became arguably the main sensation of the day. 


Beginning of the qualifiers was unfortunate

In a concurrent game old friends Russian Federation Solo (Vega Squadron) and Russian Federation Dread (HellRaisers) tied the score. The result must have left everybody satisfied, since both teams have a lot of fans. 

As we said it before, Ukraine Na`Vi’s fate was hanging on by eyelashes. They needed a victory and were about to meet Russian Federation HellRaisers and Russian Federation Vega Squadron. It was unclear whether our team can withdraw from the insulting loss and gather wits or will come unstuck. The first game with Russian Federation HR set the record straight. There Natus Vincere showed the kind of a game everyone loves them for. Ukraine Funn1k did miracles on BroodmotherBroodmother and seemed to solo the victory. In 15 minutes it was obvious that ‘‘risen from hell’’ have no chances.

However, considering their loss in the first game, draw was not an option for Ukraine Natus Vincere. Only victory could stabilize the situation. At the same time, loss would have left almost no chances for Russian Federation HR to advance to the next stage. Everyone was waiting for a close game, but no one saw it being so extremely intense! It probably was the most beautiful game of all the qualifiers. If you missed it, and you happened to have some pills for your heart, then be sure to get something sweet and prepare yourself for the next 80 minutes of an endless struggle. 

Perhaps, the best moment of the match


Eventually, Ukraine Natus Vincere managed to secure the victory. Fans were in triumph, yet there was another game ahead, this time with Russian Federation Vega Squadron

Parallel to the aforementioned struggle, the winner of open qualifiers, Russian Federation Yellow Submarine, debuted against Greece London Conspiracy. This game gathered far less viewers for obvious reasons. The Greeks were predicted to win, since there was little to no information about their Russian opponent. Betting companies were ready to pay huge money for Russian FederationYeS’ victory. And they did pay…

Russian Federation Yellow Submarine decimated the opponent. Their game instantly became the topic of discussion for the entire community. The newcomers had a unique charm, created by a number of factors: their pick was brilliant and did not follow the metagame, they showed wonderful synergy and extreme aggression from the very first seconds of the game. This was exactly the kind of Dota everyone was missing. As it turned out Greece London Conspiracy were not prepared for it. They struggled with the laning stage and could not win the local fights. The result was a decisive 2:0 for Russian Federation Yellow Submarine and a great start for this young team! 


Yellow Submarine  the revelation of the qualifiers

Last games brought fantastic emotions and will be remembered for their result. Two matches were going on at the same time: Russian Federation Yellow Submarine vs Russian Federation  HellRaisers and Ukraine Natus Vincere vs Russian Federation  Vega Squadron

First one was exciting for a peculiar reason. Less than half a year has passed since a young team Kompas Gaming was signed by Russian Federation HellRaisers. However, a change in the roster took place, and Russian Federation PSM was swapped for Russian Federation Dread (who was the only one remaining from the HR’s own squad). As you could have guessed, the same PSM is a “captain of the submarine”. One can say he was meeting his old friends, though we don’t really know whether they have remained on good terms after the split. 

Nevertheless, there are no friends when fighting for The International 2015 slot. Everyone needs their points. Russian Federation Yellow Submarine started the series fully armed. The entire game they played from a position of strength. Watching the game you could almost forget that no one knew about Russian Federation YeS’ existence just a few days before. With a sure step they secured the first map, but it has all changed significantly on the second one. Traditionally for CIS teams, being one step over the cliff, Russian Federation HellRaisers decided to prove they cannot be written off just yet. And they did it with style. Imagine this, they needed just 14 minutes to draw this match. Perhaps, this team is unofficially called “lions” for a reason. 


Getting ready to play with Vega Squadron

So, the last game of the day was Ukraine Natus Vincere against Russian Federation Vega Squadron. Another very important game for the group rank. Both teams were very focused and fans were glued to their screens. With a couple of words from the analysts, the game began. Despite it being late, there were enough viewers to sink a battleship. Right after the drafting stage, fans began asking UkraineNa`Vi some questions. A controversial pick of BloodseekerBloodseeker was triggering mixed emotions. The hero is not at all a frequent guest in professional games, so no one expected to see him is a game of this importance. Apparently, Russian Federation Vega Squadron did not expect it either. Looking unprepared for the game, they called it after the 30 minutes of the game. 

Ahead was the game, which will stick to the memory of all the Dota 2 fans. If you decided to go to bed earlier, then please accept our sincere condolences. The game was fantastic and could easily be called one of the biggest comebacks in the history. We will not go into details, let’s just say this: 20 000 gold difference, minus 2 lanes of barracks and Ukraine XBOCT on GyrocopterGyrocopter with Divine Rapier — this should be enough for you to stop thinking and start watching the game right now. 


The fight that changed the development of the game

Well then, the first day of this qualifier has ended. There is still no clear leader in the group A and everything can change tomorrow. At the moment, Finland 4 Anchors are on top of the list. In the group B the favourites are Ukraine Natus Vincere and Russian Federation Yellow Submarine. Notably, the two teams will be playing tomorrow and the winner of that match will secure his place in play-off. The game will start at 16 CET or 17 CEST. The question remains, who will hold the second place in the group? 

And in conclusion:
«“Sashka is flying again! One rapier, two rapiers – Alexander Yurievich! “ (words from a video by Russian Federation Bad Playa, you can watch it using this link).


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