European Finest Cup: Third match for Na`

Comment by image Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov:

I'm happy to play this match. We had numerous praccs with image GGNet which were quite successful. I am looking forward for the victory but still believe in image KuroKy's powers. I wish good luck to my ex-teammates. Go image Na`Vi! :)

image Na`Vi.DotA [2:0] image Pentia.DotA

image Na`Vi.DotA [2:0] image Fearz.DotA

image Na`Vi.DotA [2:1] image GGNet - 19:00 CET, June, 28th, European Finest Cup [DARER]

Match will be broadcasted via Waaagh!TV.

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#1 28 June 2011, 17:17
ya em gavno ludei :nate:
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