Na`Vi players at BlizzCon qualifiers


European qualification of BlizzCon 2015 goes on! Today 24 remaining players will continue the fight over the right to participate in European Championship, the winners of which will get the slots to the main Hearthstone event of the year. However, getting to Prague, where European finals will be held, isn't that simple: first our players will have to defeat serious rivals. Only 8 best players will get to the final.


New players of Ukraine Natus Vincere achieved their first victories last weekend. Today, they'll continue their performance. The qualifiers will be held on 18-20 September. The format is best of 5. The brackets is double-elimination, so each player has right to mistake. Our players are still in upper brackets, so let's hope they'll continue their path to Prague.



— all matches are played best of 5,

— each user can use 3 decks announced before match,

— after the victory with one deck the player can't use this deck until the end of the match,

— the first player to win the games with all the announced decks wins the match.


schedule of NATUS VINCERE players:
Time (CEST) Match Match Page


Germany Na`Vi.XiXo [2:3] Netherlands Nihilium.ThijsNL Watch
OVER Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej [3:1] Svalbard and Jan Mayen countel Watch
OVER Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka [3:2] Svalbard and Jan Mayen LC.Asmodai Watch
OVER Germany Na`Vi.XiXo [2:3] Belgium Houyon Watch
OVER Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej [0:3] Russian Federation Empire.Pavel Watch
OVER Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka [3:0] Ukraine Cloud9.Kolento Watch



Upper brackets:

Trip to Prague
2Belgium Mill.Maverick
2Italy Gera89
Ukraine Neirea
3Italy Gera89
3Ukraine Liquid.Neirea
3Ukraine Neirea
0Romania Nihilium.Rdu
2Germany Na`Vi.XiXo
3Netherlands ThijsNL
Netherlands ThijsNL
3Netherlands Nihilium.ThijsNL
2Germany kolemoen
1Germany Lifecoach
3Germany Nihilium.Lifecoach
3Russian Federation Empire.Pavel
3Russian Federation Pavel
Russian Federation Pavel
1Russian Federation FromDNOtoWorld
1Svalbard and Jan Mayen countel
0Denmark Hoej
3Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej
3Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka
3Sweden Ostkaka
Sweden Ostkaka
2Svalbard and Jan Mayen LC.Asmodai
2France GO.Yogg
0Ukraine Kolento
3Ukraine Cloud9.Kolento


Last Call match:

Round 8
Trip to Prague
2Sweden Archon.Orange
Germany Lifecoach
3Germany Nihilium.Lifecoach
2Ukraine SilverName
Italy Gera89
3Italy Gera89
0Belgium Mill.Maverick
0Ukraine Cloud9.Kolento
0Ukraine Wandal
Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej
3Denmark Na`Vi.Hoej


Lower brackets:

Slot in round 8
2Svalbard and Jan Mayen countel
2France tomof
Sweden Orange
3France tomof
0Russian Federation FromDNOtoWorld
3Sweden Orange
3Sweden Archon.Orange
3France GO.Yogg
0France Yogg
Ukraine SilverName
0United Kingdom F2K.Cipher
0Svalbard and Jan Mayen LC.Asmodai
3Ukraine SilverName
3Ukraine SilverName
3Romania Nihilium.Rdu
1Romania Rdu
Belgium Maverick
3Belgium Mill.Maverick
3Belgium Maverick
1Sweden SK.Freakeh
1Germany kolemoen
3Ukraine Wandal
Ukraine Wandal
3Ukraine Wandal
2Germany Na`Vi.XiXo
0Belgium Houyon
3Belgium Houyon




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