Ex-DTS player ANGE1 joins Natus Vincere


Dear friends, today we would like to announce the extension of our Na `Vi Family. image Kirill “ANGE1” Karasev, the former Counter-Strike player of DTS team, is from now an official image Natus Vincere streamer and project manager. Some of you might have seen streams by our Russian streamer yXo that was casted together with ANGE1. From now on Kirill will help us to improve the quality of our streams and will also work on some new features which is not announced. We believe that with his life and e-Sports experience and personal achievements, ANGE1 will be a valuable asset to our team. Welcome!


Below you can find a small interview with our new hero where he talks about his former team DTS and his new work.


Small interview with Kirill:


- Hi, Kirill! Tell our readers about the things you are responsible in Na`Vi project


ANGE1: Hi, bro. My official position is Project Manager. Now we are about to launch few interesting projects. Some of them will be announced later on. I promise to make it in a while. STREAM is one of my priorities. As you could see, I streamed lately with Alexey Maletskiy aka YXO and I’m going to continue to do so. Our streams will change sufficiently in the nearest future. We aim to make them more interesting and informal.

- Why did you leave DTS? Is it connected with Na`Vi or it’s just a lack of motivation?


ANGE1: My daughter was born this January so my priorities changed. DTS was not succesful lately and I was thinking much about my future in this field. It was difficult, but I took a decision to leave professional gaming.


- Here’s a question with a trick:) How do you feel about working in the team, which lost their slot for WCG because of you? Your performance at WCG was quite a shitty deal….


ANGE1: Here’s an answer with a trick:) I’m totally Ok with it. I’m not ashamed of it as we did what we should have done. We couldn’t lose our chance after Na`Vi had failed vs KerchNET. We had some psychological troubles and we failed vs SK because of it. What is more, I think that Na`Vi players are the ones who should feel ashamed. World's top team has no right to perform like this during the most prestigious qualifiers, as I think.


- What can you say about Kucher’s transfer to Virtus.pro? It’s quite a surprise, isn’t it?

ANGE1: It depends. I knew about it since DTS broke up. It was logical. I can only wish Kucher and his new team good look. Luck and persistence is what they need.


- Will you accept the invitation, if DTS calls you back one day?


ANGE1: The invitation should be more than tempting to make me think it over. It’s impossible to play forever. Now I should think of the further life perspectives.


- In the end you can say hellos and thanks’ to the readers.


ANGE1: First of all I’d like to thank all of my DTS teammates. We had magnificent time together and they were more than team for me. Thanks to Alexey Zinoviev who supported us till the end, and to all of those who supported us for better and for worser :). Now it’s the brand new period in my life. I think I know how to run really awesome projects for you, gamers!

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