Express-interview with ArtStyle

After the continuous streak of losses, it seems like our Dota 2 roster has started doing better. Since Ukraine ArtStyle has joined the team as a stand-in, the guys haven’t lost a single map. We are sure that you are interested in finding out how the team is doing, and hope this express-interview will shed some light on what is going on within the collective. 
— You left Natus Vincere this September. What have you been doing for these last three months? 
— To be honest, I fully immersed myself in Dota. I played a lot, looked through all the “replays”, watched and analyzed the games from the tournaments. I spent much time working on myself. 
— I know that you were bringing a new team together. There were rumors that it could become the second Na`Vi roster. Why hasn’t it worked out? 
— This is a long story. I built a team together with young guys and for some time, it went more or less well, but I needed support of an organization so the players would stay with me. We have been discussing such things with Ukraine Na`Vi, but we haven’t agreed on anything and the players joined other organizations.
— But anyway, now you are invited to join the main lineup. How so? 
— It is, once again, a long story. As for now, I am playing just as a stand-in. 
—  Will we see you in the official roster?  
— It’s premature to talk about it so far.
— As far as I know, you have parted ways with the previous Ukraine Na`Vi roster on quite fractious terms. Do you feel any negative emotions now and if yes, how do they influence the way you play?  
— There is no negativity. We actually have a normal team environment. Everybody wants to win and does his best to do so.   
— Do you play as a stand-in in official matches only, or do you practice together? 
— We have played together a lot these last few days. And we will keep it up for now.
 — By the way, speaking about matches. Tomorrow you are having a game against OG. What can you say about that?  
— Of course we will be practicing. The victory over International OG is very important for us, since it will be a statement from us at the very least and will also give us a chance to receive the invitation for the qualifier for the next major. We will try to outplay them. This game means a lot to us.  
— Thank you for your honest answers. But still: is ArtStyle back? 
Laughs. —  I haven't gone anywhere.
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