Express-interview with Ditya Ra


Undoubtedly, all Ukraine Natus Vincere members performed extremely well in the match against The Frankfurt Major champions, but the flawless performance delivered by Russian FederationDmitry "Ditya Ra" Мinenkov is certainly the one that cannot be overlooked. Thus we decided to interview the player straight after the game.  
— You have joined the team during hard times. Can you describe the playing process generally? How does it feel to play together with Dendi and your former teammate? 
— I enjoy playing with Russian Federation SoNNeiko, just like before. Ukraine Dendi also turned out to be a great teammate, he keeps our morale up. 
—  Since ArtStyle has joined the team as a stand-in, you guys haven’t lost a single match-up. How did you feel before the game against OG?
— We felt great. 
— Could you please comment on why you didn't manage to win the first map, considering that you had such a great early-game? 
— With the draft we had, a few mistakes were enough for International OG to take the lead. Maybe, I should have taken a Rapier instead of a Daedalus.
Na`Vi.DityaRa EPIC Performance vs. OG Game 3
— Your draft for the third game resembled the one for game 2. Have you decided to simply choose the same heroes that you were able to win with on the previous map? 
— No, it was a coincidence. 
— The beginning of the third game turned out to be quite unsuccessful for you. Did you believe that you were going to win? 
— Two previous maps were taken by the team who performed worse at the beginning. Furthermore, our draft was more mid and late-game oriented, whereas International OG chose the heroes for early domination, so it was quite predictable that the beginning would be in their pocket.
— Do you feel that your current roster will be the final one? 
— I hope so. 
The interview was prepared by Yana "b2ru" Khymchenko.


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