FACEIT League 3 qualifiers


Open European qualifiers for FACEIT League Season 3 will kick off this weekend. Overall, they will feature 1 500 international teams that will be divided into three groups by region. All of these players will compete for the right to advance to the next stage of the tournament. 


The first round of the European qualifier will be held on Saturday, 29 August, and the second one will be played the following day. According to the results of both rounds, the best-placed teams will move on to the closed qualifiers (1–3 September), where they will encounter 4 invited teams and 2 participants of the previous FACEIT League tournament. 


American open qualifiers will run on 12–13 September. The closed ones will be held right after that, on 14–15 September, where two invited teams, two participants of the previous FACEIT League tournament and two qualified teams will also compete against each other. Finally, the matches of the open qualifier for the players from Oceania will be conducted on 19–20 September, and the closed one — on 21–22 September. The list of its participants will be compiled the same way. 


Further information can be found on  the official website of the tournament. 

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