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eSport lives and thrives, and new players, teams and organizations are joining this community day after day. Tournaments gather the best experts, and the lists of their sponsors include true giants of certain industries. However, it is impossible for everything to go swimmingly every single time. Today we will tell you a little bit more about five tournaments that turned out to be disastrous for our players.


Gaming Paradise 2015


Recent Gaming Paradise 2015 tournament conducted in Portoroz (Slovenia) is the first on our list. It all started with a spring announcement. The tournament’s organizers promised to gather the best international CS:GO and Dota 2 teams and create a true paradise for gamers. The announcement seemed quite controversial right from the start, considering that the tournament was to be hosted by unknown The Gaming Resorts organization. However, the eSport scene is developing at such a pace that nowadays it is more than usual to see someone new there.


They will return our passports and i guess we'll start playing :)

It is unlikely that prize money will be paid, but all gamers agreed to play at the tournament!

That's because we will never give up CS for money!


The first match day delivered a lot of unpleasant surprises to the players, viewers and casters. CS:GO matches were delayed for more than 13 hours, whereas the Dota 2 part was cancelled altogether. The fail-streak kept distracting everybody on the next day, too, when it was revealed that the hotel rooms and all staff members were not paid for. To make matters worse, the organizers simply disappeared, and only the arrival of police forced them to return and solve the problems. The word “solve” though is actually an overstatement, considering that they have only promised to pay everything back.


Gamers’ decision to keep on playing their scheduled matches despite the problems that were tumbling over each other is certainly worth appreciating! They always remembered about their fans and finished the games even in such terrible conditions. 


Major All Stars


MAS Dota 2 tournament has been conducted in Malaysia, a region that has very few competitions with decent prize pools, and so it kept all Southeast Asian fans of the game on the edge of their seats. $ 100 000 was at stake, evoking incredible interest from both players and viewers. The tournament was announced a year ago and its online-part went fairly well, but the LAN-finals held in March of this year became a bright example of terrible event organization.



Like  Gaming Paradise 2015, Major All Stars kicked off with a 12-hour delay and featured an enormous number of unlucky situations. Organizers ran out of the computers for some casters, while others had to work using Wi-Fi. The players' situation was quite similar, since they had to deal with lots of inconveniences, as well: the room of Sweden Handsken, for example, was full of cockroaches, while the practice zone had only plastic chairs to offer.


The culmination of this tragicomedy was the problems of local network that couldn't be fixed by organizers. In fact, only tech-savvy players, including Ukraine Aleksandr «DkPhobos» Kucheria, managed to save the tournament from failing. The tournament’s participants fixed everything by themselves and finished playing their matches.


Excellent Moscow Cup Season 2


Another story of Dota 2 tournament fiasco comes next, but this time it is even more questionable. EMC Season 1 organization wasn’t the best, but it certainly was quite decent. However, its second season was drastically different. The problems started to arise at the final part of the competition. A few days before the event, a solid number of Chinese and European teams withdrew from it. Russian Federation Virtus.proInternational Team TinkerChina LGD and United States Na`Vi US simply missed the tournament, and the organizers had to urgently look for the new teams to replace them. 


But everything was still ahead. Different technical problems (e.g. unclear sound, stream crashes etc.) and terrible DDoS-attacks spoiled the entire event. This chaos confused everybody, including participating teams. Due to the lack of control from organizers, there were quite a few misunderstandings. For instance, the players of  CIS HellRaisers were late to their match against the Born to Win and lost the game by forfeit. 


The grand-final has put an end to this horror story: Ukraine Natus Vincere and  Russian Federation Team Empire couldn’t finish their first place decider because of DDoS-attacks. As a result, the organizers decided to take a very unexpected step, and the final match was rescheduled and played online.


CPH Games 2013


This tournament was full of drama concerned with our CS team. The first match was planned to be played on the first day of the tournament at 10 am, but when our players came on stage at the right time, they found out that they were late and lost the first map by forfeit. The situation was extremely unpleasant, but the team decided to keep on playing and refrain from unnecessary quarrels with judges.


Everything was going well, and only thing that judges needed was to be more attentive and spend more time commuticating with participating teams. But it was not to be! At the end of the first match day, another misunderstanding between judges and players occured, this time because of even more silly reason: after the group stage, three teams including Ukraine Na`Vi players scored the same number of points and only one of them could advance to playoffs.


Our guys had an obvious round advantage that could guarantee them the first place in the group but in a process of counting, the organizers decided to take 15 forfeit rounds into account, even though that morning match was versus  Norway BX3 eSports Club which didn’t even compete for the place in playoffs. As a result, Ukraine Na`Vi ended up on third place and advanced to the playoffs from Lower Bracket. The fact that the initial decision of judges (to place the Born to Win first) has been changed after the conversation with Spain Epsilon eSports and Sweden Fnatic representatives made it even more questionable.


At the end,  Ukraine Аlexandr «ZeroGravity» Kokhanovskyy, СЕО of Natus Vincere, has decided to withdraw from the tournament:



Wargaming.net Golden League Season #1


Wargaming.net Golden League Season # 1 2013 is the last on our list of the most disastrous tournaments. Unlike all previous competitions, this one was very decent. It featured the high quality match broadcasts and the best casters and analysts, but then unexpected trouble occurred. Because of the peculiarities of tournament’s rules, its matches turned out to be extremely boring. The teams had no reasons to risk and attack, so the matches were lacking dynamics and intensity.


Neither commentators’ efforts, nor audience support could make the players play less safely and do something interesting to watch. The final match concluded it all: both teams were playing very carefully, secured their positions and started to wait. Of course, nobody fell asleep during the match, but all fans were a bit disappointed. The rules were immediately changed after this boredom test, and such situations has never been repeated. Anyway, Wargaming.net Golden League is a great example of how the bad rules and boring games can kill the interest towards the tournament.


That it is for our list of the worst tournaments for the Born to Win. eSport is still very young and as we all know — only practice makes perfect. We are happy that all those misunderstandings ended without any serious consequences. We hope that such things will never be repeated, and our players will never suffer from organizers mistakes again.

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#1 mk profdrmartin 30 September 2015, 16:21
Some people/organizations should just stop organizing tournaments. These are very good examples of how not to organize a tournament.
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