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Dota 2 Champions League group stage is coming to an end. Soon we will know the names of both the participants of the play-off and the teams that will go to Bucharest in the end of October to participate in LAN Finals. The future finals to become the first offline event of D2CL, the organizers of the League work hard night and day. Joindota interviewed the product manager of DreamzMedia and one of the main administrators of D2CL Artem “Farion” Bykov. He told us about the preparation to the Dota 2 Champions League within the framework of DreamHack Bucharest, about the “inner” work of the League and about many things related to Natus Vincere’s project. Watch the interview to learn more about D2CL.


So the D2CL has decided to instead invest in making the tournament "the number one" rather than increasing the prize pool. How have the profits from the previous seasons helped expand the D2CL? Where can we see the fruits of your labour if not in an increased prize pool?

D2CL.Artem: We have nothing against the prize pool growth, but in this year, we have particular financial limits, which do not allow us to significantly increase the prize pool of D2CL seasons. Increase of the prize pool looks very attractive from the tournament growth point of view, but at the same time, it is the easiest way, yet not the most effective one. Regarding the D2CL expansion, in 2015 we are planning to launch the new web site, improve the video production quality, implement the flash interface and many other fruits. If we have some extra money left, the prize pool will be increased too.

How well do you think the current season of the D2CL has been received? Which areas have you been satisfied with and which areas still need improving?


D2CL.Artem: I think Season 4 is being very well received by the community and teams so far. However, it is too early to say if I am satisfied or not, since the biggest challenge of this season is yet to happen – our first LAN finals at DreamHack Masters 2014 Bucharest. The biggest upset is obviously the cancellation of the Chinese division, besides that, the quality of video production could be improved.
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thanks NaVi!!!
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GLHF for your future matches ^_^
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i still trust u guys!!!
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go higher Na'Vi .... you are born to win !
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