Na`Vi Fan Stories: Episode 1


Not long ago we asked you, the supporters, to send us your Ukraine Natus Vincere related stories, and you did not disappoint. Much to our delight, the Born to Win family responded in a way we would have never imagined. Due to the amount of e-mails we received, we decided make them into a weekly series, a series written by you, our fans!


I know I haven't been there since the beginning but one thing is certain, I will be here, supporting you, until the very end! I was looking forward to share my story with you and I feel like this is the perfect opportunity.


I started playing Dota in January 2013, I barely knew there was a pro scene and that the game was so important and considered an eSport; I played just for fun. 2013 was a really complicated year for me, I had no motivation to do anything at all, some personal problems, I dropped out of college and I was barely getting out of bed. I was really sad and didn't want to do anything, I didn't see the point in living, honestly. I know it sounds like it's too much but it's exactly how I felt back then. 


My friends tried to cheer me up in many ways, but I always came back to sadness. In one of those attempts, one friend told me that The International 3 was about to start; he explained what it was and told me I should watch some games to distract myself and stuff. I randomly clicked on a game. It was a Na`Vi game (coincidentally, my friends favorite team). I don't remember exactly who they were playing against, because I knew nothing back then, but I do remember that Dendi had Puck, and he got the first blood. I got really amazed with the plays he made with his supports and watched the whole series of games. Then I started to watch all of his games on the tournament, I remember staying up all night (because of the time difference) to watch the Na`Vi vs TongFu game, with the awesome fountain hooks. Those series of games were actually pretty amazing so I decided I would cheer for them, they had won me.


I didn't even know that I would love Na`Vi so much, but the following days, I watched all of their games, interviews, learnt all about their roster, laughed with Puppey and Dendi at the all-star game, and started to become a real fan.


Dendi celebrating at The International 2013


The finals came and when they lost, I cried like a baby. I got to like them so much; even though I knew them for, like, 5 days, they won my heart in such a short notice. I was still happy they got the second place, and after such great games I knew I had chosen the right team to like. 


After TI was over, everything changed in my life. I got up early to watch the tournaments where Na`Vi was in, I started telling my parents about the team, how they were so awesome and how the players were so nice. My parents were really happy because I didn't seem like I was sad anymore, I had a purpose, a reason to wake up. As lame as it sounds, I got out of bed to watch Dendi stream, instead of staying there all day. Dendi eventually became my favorite player, so I had my Tumblr dedicated to him. I learned how to make gifs on Photoshop and made gifs of all his funny videos, I learned how to edit just so they would look better, and stuff.


I started hanging out with my friends again to tell them about Na`Vi. They still think I’m pretty annoying because I talk about them all day but I knew they were happy I was back. Then I got a job, and returned to college. I had my life back. It took a lot of time and a lot of work, and I’m still working on myself, but Na´Vi gave me the push I needed to go on, and I’m so thankful.


I wanted to thank the players, but I felt like online wasn't enough. I knew they would never come to my country so I started saving a lot of money and with the help of my parents in 2014 I got to go to ESL One in Frankfurt, Germany. I went there with my friend, the one who introduced me to the international and to Na`Vi, and I got to meet all of the team. My English is not really good, and I don't speak Russian but I got to thank them and to tell them everything I’ve been wanting to. They were all so nice I’m still shocked. Those were the best days of my life and I think they'll always be. 


Na`Vi Dota at ESL One Frankfurt 2014, courtesy of ESL


Right now, my life is 100% better than it was back then, I’ve got help from my friends, my family, my boyfriend, but Na`Vi helped me get out of the bottom of depression. When I thought nothing in the world would make me happy anymore- they did. Some people don't understand why I love them so much and I don't have the guts to tell them that, without even knowing it, they saved me from depression and helped me become the woman I am now.


I am and will always be thankful for what you did, and I really wanted to have the chance to tell you all this, but again I was afraid of how you would react. Thank you, you'll never understand how thankful I am that you're here. I know you're going through a rough patch, but I also know that you can get through this just like I got through with everything that was happening to me, thanks to you. You've got my support, I’ll always be cheering for you.”


Fernanda Ailup,



“It all started back in February 2015 when I got introduced to Counter Strike by my cousins, it was just before ESL One Katowice 2015. Along came game day, the group stage, I remember seeing the ad for the major on the front of CS:GO and thought I might watch it for a bit, happened to be right before Na`Vi played. So there I was watching some pro CS:GO tournament games just for fun, and to learn to play better. But I didn't seem as interested until there was this one magical player that stood out to me, GuardiaN. Why did he stand out? Because everywhere he went he was getting these crazy flick shots with the AWP on the enemies and consistently getting 3-kill rounds. I watched this new found favorite team of mine play against the Aussies, Vox Eminor (now La Renegades) and was amazed at why I hadn't found out about this game earlier. The whole team was amazing, Seized with his great rifle work and control of banana on Inferno, Zeus with his in-game leading, Edward and his pistol plays, starix with what later evolved to be the coaching role and who could forget GuardiaN and his crazy God AWP-ing along with the later edition of Flamie and his explosive rifle work.


From what I remember, Na`Vi took an easy win over Vox and went on to play Fnatic on Cbble. Cobblestone went a little differently for Natus Vincere, but round by round I still smiled stupidly at my iPad screen while almost holding my eyes open at 3am to see every moment of the game, hoping they would comeback and beat arguably the best team in the world at the time. Alas my hope was not to be, as Fnatic went on to win the tournament.


Na`Vi CS:GO at ESL One Katowice 2015


From that moment on I have always tried to watch every Na`Vi CS:GO game I can, even if it means staying up until 6-8am in the mornings here in Australia, although admittedly I have fallen asleep during some, as these time zones are horrible when watching games overseas. As much as I love my home team, Renegades, I will always love Natus Vincere more and although I may never be able to understand what anything they say in Russian or Ukrainian means, I will ALWAYS be a true Na`Vi fan. That moment changed my gaming experience.


It is so amazing how far the eSports community has evolved, even just since the beginning of 2015. My dream is to one day be able to go overseas and watch Na`Vi play at LAN tournaments as well as see my favorite CS:GO team win at least one Major tournament which they have come ever so close to multiple times before.


Good luck for all the Born to Win players across all games! With love from Australia.”


Weezy aka LouLou20897,



Do you also have a story to tell? Would you like to share it with the community? Gather your ideas and send them to! In case you have already sent one, but it did not got published, stay tuned, as yours might just be the next one!


Please write “Na`Vi Fan Story” in the subject of the e-mail. You should state your gamer tag at the end of the letter, or if you wish, you can also give us your real name and country of origin (if no name specified the e-mail might be discarded, real name and country are optional).

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