Na`Vi Fan Stories: Episode 2


Another week has passed and it is that time again. We at Ukraine Natus Vincere always cherish our fans and it is a pleasure to get some feedback from you guys. Our fans, from all around the world, keep us moving forward, inspire the teams no matter what eSport they are playing. These are your stories!


"Hello Na`Vi 

My name is Ivan and I am from Serbia. I must say this is a great idea, and great opportunity for fans to say and for you to see why we (they) love Na`Vi. When I saw your post on Facebook about this, I saw that everybody wrote just about your Dota team, and I didn't see any for Counter Strike! I have been playing Counter Strike all my life. One day I started looking on internet at some videos from professional players to see how they play. I wanted to improve my skills and I have found one video about markeloff. I was impressed by how he played and I started searching for more and I saw he was a member of the Natus Vincere. From that day I have watched every video, every tournament where they played. I like their team play, respect between players, team spirit, how they practice and how they give energy to each other!


Natus Vincere Counter Strike at IEM


Honestly, my favorite was markeloff and I was sad when he left Na`Vi, but life goes on, Edward too, funny guy and a  great player... I don’t know, I love them all, this team now is great; better to say, this family, because I see Na'Vi as a family! Now, when they win on IEM, I watch over and over again matches they have played, replay after replay after replay and I enjoy it. :)


I don’t know what to say more, keep on fighting Na'Vi! KEEP CALM AND LOVE NATUS VINCERE!"

Best regards,

Ivan Nikitovic



"How I became a Na`Vi fan? I don't know, I think it is what they call love at first sight. Na`Vi gave me something interesting, so I started to watch Na`Vi games. I just said «Hey, they got very nice game play, I think I like their mid-laner, so crazy». Then I read the mid-laner's nickname, "Dendi" . I searched about Na`Vi on Internet and I have found many articles about Na`Vi. I watched FreeToPlay and I learnt the story about Dendi. Playing Dota from when he was a kid, I think I know why he is so pro. However, this should not be enough to become fanatic of some organization, right? The other reason why I became a fan is the solidarity of the roster. Dendi plays for Na`Vi from early 2011 to now. XBOCT, Puppey the genius captain, they are the Na`Vi family from 2011 to 2014/2015. I can feel the weight on Na`Vi as an organization, It's not easy to keep an organization in a high position for a long time (The International 1 Champions, The International 2&3 Runner-ups, Champions of many other) so we all know Na`Vi always give the best for their game. We never got bored to watch Na`Vi games (watching a game right now). We all keep supporting Na`Vi, so I wish for Na`Vi to win more titles. The roster should always remember: they will never be alone, they play not only for the roster, but for an organization and many fans. :)"

Thanks Natus Vincere!



"It was all Dendi. It was Dendi that made me play Dota. I was more of an FPS guy playing COD 4. I used to hate my friends for abandoning the game, leaving to play Dota. But one time one of my closest friends showed me a video (By this time I had some idea about Dota, though I had never played it. I had watched my friends play). It was about Dendi Pudge & Puppey Chen combo, Fountain Hooking TongFu heroes in Seattle, at The International 3


"This is what you call one for the road" (Aaron "Ayesee" Chambers)

Since that moment I started googling Na`Vi, following them every way I can. I watched most of their matches, rooting for them even in the times they did not succeed. All the Na`Vi Dota fans are pretty sad to see a legendary team like Na`Vi in a tough place like this. As a true fan, when they lose a match I'm sincerely heartbroken.

But I don't care... Even if they are on a losing streak, I will still follow Na'Vi with the same passion and love towards them. I will remain a die-hard fan.


Because NA`VI are LEGENDARY and they are BORN TO WIN


This new roster will take some time to adjust, but in the end I'm pretty sure they will bounce back hard, proving that NA`VI is a name to REMEMBERAnd I'm grateful to these players- Dendi, Puppey, XBOCT, ArtStyle, LighTofHeaveN, Kuroky, and Funn1k for having made such an impact to the eSports industry as a Team. It's because of these guys' fearless, unorthodox style of plays that made me love them.

Although every Dota fan has their favorite team, Na`Vi still has a special place in their hearts. They didn't just become an eSports organization. NA`VI became a CULT.


Sorry for the long post, this is just what I had to say about you guys from the bottom of my heart."

Best Regards,

Yomal “Deadfool” De Silva

Sri Lanka



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