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Three days have passed since we published the news about the disband of Ukraine Natus Vincere's Dota 2 team. The information has been disseminated all over the web and shook the eSports community. The respective news (in both English and Russian versions) has been viewed over 550 000 times on our website alone.


The disband has become a stroke for many fans all over the world. Some of them has been supporting our players since The first International. They expressed their support and feelings on social networking websites. Some of the comments were so moving, that we can't help publishing them.

It's so amazing to see that people keep on loving and supporting players in harsh times. You're the best fans in the world, thanks a lot!


Feedback on Facebook


Joshua Vargas
"I know you can not explain very well in words ... but still not sunk in that the Na'Vi team disbanded .. In my view you were the only team that filled me with emotions when they played .. Both in victory and in defeat .. .. I am Brazilian and I can not speak English very well .. By the way .. Right now I'm using the google translator .. But I'm trying to express myself the best with it.
The Na'Vi team was .. or better .. It is and will always be for me the best of all .. I know that the games speak for themselves .. but a good fan still believe until the last battle of teams while .. the throne not fall're there .. cheering and giving our support to you .. it's a shame to know that this will be just a memory here a while .. It is not just simply winning the TI1 .. but all the emotion you played .. Xboct, Funn1k, ArtStyle, Puppey, Kuroky, LightofHaven, SoNNeikO and the incredible Dendi .. How to explain all these emotions in just a text? I thank you for all the times that made me believe .. every time you made me laugh .. and all these emotions .. I wish that text came to the Dendi and all other .. Because I wanted to personally thank each of them and Na'Vi team that made it all happen ..
Thank you all .. I will always have great and fond memories to remember this name "Natus Vincere" Hug .. friends .. All the best to you !!!
I love you ^^
The answer is not of."
Casper Luffy Datenshi
"Born to Win .. Born to be Legends .. 
I hope you guys will make a video/movie of NaVi dota 2 squad .. I want to watch the flashback and history of the most successful team in Dota 2 ..
Fountain Hook ..
Gyro 3 Rapier 
Vaccuum + Wall + Blackhole
Test of Faith + Illuionary Orb + Ethereal Jaunt = instant bottle refill
never forget ..
Sam RoRo King
"They will go down as legends, pioneers, the first of they're kind they were the team to beat, they were the ones everyone aspired to be.... The plays were legend... I hope you guys do a farewell montage of all the great plays from each of the players over the years from TI1 till now...... I think people forget just how great it was... They were the exciting team to watch.... Who Dan forget the El clasico games.... The play makers they got crowds to their feet yelling and chanting"
Lucas Donadi
"I started playing DotA and just met you and soon I became a fanatic fan by Na'Vi, always followed the same game now that the team was not as good, I will always remember the "Fountain of the Hook Ti3", the dances of Dendi, of how the farm Xboct pulled even in games where the rest of the team was right behind the golden question.I can not say I remember the Ti1 why have not played, but I know everything that happened because I saw all matches at Youtube.
And now at this moment of departure I ask you to still come back and so this moment is actually a goodbye and not a final goodbye !!! #goNaVi"
Akram Abdallah
"I wont watch or care about TI anymore! the only reason i did its because Na'Vi was playing, and i was hoping they would win every single year. Once they lose, i stop watching it.. And now they are out...
Legends of Dota, you'll be missed, we will hopefully see you again in other teams. 
Dendi forever the best player and without any doubt the best solo mid, "Did someone needed a butcher? Call Dendi!"

Aryell Labado Jimenez:

«Legends come and go. But they will be remembered forever»


Tag Naa Ra:





Strawhat D. Luffy:


«Goodbye Na`Vi. Please come back soon».


Dom Abejar:


«Had this for a year now but still a Navi fan. Remember history repeats itself. SO GOOD LUCK and we will be waiting for your comeback». 



Eljean Drilon:


«This is the first international team that I knew in DOTA 2. True fans will always be there for you especially in the bad times. Fake fans will just be there when you win a game».


Sebz Consistente:


«They storm up the river, patience from Zhou, waiting in the wing, Na'Vi's about to be caught. Oh there's the sleep, the surge, he catches everyone! Oh this could be a total disaster! Vacuum in, ravage on everyone, here's the Blackhole as well. LightofHeaven, he turns it around, ravage as well, stolen by Dendi. ARE YOU KIDDING ME, THEY TURNED IT AROUND. 4 heroes dead, 5 heroes dead, Chuan trying to survive, Chuan's gonna go down».


Nikko Angcao:


«Best Dota 2 team of all time. Farewell».



Renren Desarapen:

«You're the reason why i came to love playing Dota 2. Thank You So Much Natus Vincere! You Will Be Remembered! Legends Never Die. They Respawn.

One of your Solid Fans here in Philippines.. "HERO SALUTE"».


Andrew IanGrey Tolosa:


«They made their own legacy and I think they should let the newcomers invade the DOTA 2 scene. Thanks for those games that made us wow Natus Vincere!»


Su Larb Yadanar:


«Always loved them thru ups and downs. Will always be in our heart Natus Vincere, the very first The International CHAMPIONS. Hope baby denden finds a nice team that he deserves  sighhh .. will never see Na'Vi in upcoming TIs again. That's sad».



Kobkit Saelee:

«'Generation' come and go. but 'The Legends' are forever. Hope new roster will come soon, and they still has a man who is always smiling». 


Tan Kwon Doto:


«Farewell to the champions, who brought me into dota 2 as well, you guys came to Na'Vi as players but leaves as legends, may all the best things come along with your journey!! Wherever you are, whatever you do, you are always be the biggest attributes of the Na'Vi Dota 2! Because you guys were "WERE BORN TO WIN”».


Anna A Belak:


«No team will ever excite the eSports arena like NaVi did, nor be loved (and hated) like NaVi was. I hope your future is at least half as great as your past».


Mohd. Shajjadur Rahman:


«Na`Vi will always be Na`Vi no matter what. All the best to the members where ever they go».


Diego Ledesma:


«Thank you #NaVi! For all the emotions that you guys give us! Good Luck Have Fun in your future! Cause your past is legendary. GG WP & TY».


Jeff Adrian Atun:


«NaVi is still my favorite team. You will be missed guys».




Feedback on the website


It is a pity, for my Na'Vi will never die, I have always been loyal to my single computer, I see your replays daily and learned to play by them ...


To be totally honest, watching the free 2 play documentary about the first TI which featured Na'Vi is what got me started in DotA 2. More specifically, it was really Dendi who inspired me into playing it. After that, I have just come to love the game on my own as I played more. Still glad to hear that Na'Vi will continue on with DotA 2. However, just gotta say, the DotA 2 scene will never be complete without Dendi; at least for me.


Na'Vi.Dendi Na'Vi.XBOCT Na'Vi.Funn1k Na'Vi.SonNeiko Na'Vi.PSM Na'Vi.Puppey Na'Vi.KKY Na'Vi.Vanskor Na'Vi.Goblak Na'Vi.AA Good luck to all of you ! Hail to the Kings !!!


You fell, but we kept supporting you! I hope to see more of your games in future!


Feedback on Vkontakte


Mihail Evlakov:


"Thank you for everything! If Dendi and ХВОСТ leave, the team won't be Na`Vi anymore, It'll be some other team. Without them Navi is not Navi. Without them a piece of beautiful Dota, which they demonstrated us over the whole period of the team's existence, will leave forever. See you, LEGANDS. And thanks to everyone, who's represented Navi all this time....  Thanks for everything!

P.S: don't forget that the legends always return..."


Alexander Diachenko:


"I thought that pain was when Kuro and Puppey left. Now I know what pain is. It's when your favourite team, which you've supported since childhood, is disbanded. Whatever happens in your life next, guys, I wish you all the best, the victories and new Aegis raised above your heads"


Oleg Titov:


"They'll remain the best for me. I want to express my gratitude for their emotions. Though the feelings were negative lately, I still enjoyed their game. I hope to see them in new squads and I am sure, they'll show themselves in future! Thanks a lot and good luck!"



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#1 lk heshan1997 19 October 2015, 17:28
Team Na'vi(Dota) wasn't just a team, they were family. they are the reason I still play Dota. never seen any other team giving so much HYPE and Aggression like you. yes there were Ups and downs, But still we enjoyed what you did and we loved. Today many players are inspired to play Dota 2 because Of Na'vi because we always wanted to be like them and play like them. I hope there will be a Na'vi reborn one day. Good Luck Guys.
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#2 ph kylebaird10 19 October 2015, 18:22
For me Na'vi was the one who encouraged me to play dota 2, i dont play dota until i saw dendi and the whole na'vi play , It is really a bad news for me cause i watch dendi's streams , and the name like Na'Vi Dendi is so cool that infact he is the best pudge user of all time. i love this team .

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