Farewell 6.85

The community eagerly awaits the new patch and waves of madness have begun to spread on forums and social media, asking for the v6.86 patch. Is the current Meta horrible? No, the game is fun and entertaining, but considering that v6.85 is an improved and rebalanced version of the previous patch, players want to finally play and watch new top heroes. Many questions on the immediate future of the game gather in our minds.
Will Earth Spirit Earth Spirit finally be balanced and released in Captain’s Mode, or will the hero never have a chance in competitive games without a rework? Introduced on November 14, 2013, he received buffs or nerfs in every single patch starting from v6.78, but according to pro players, the hero is still too strong for a competitive environment. While being extremely difficult to play, if mastered ES can efficiently carry his team to victory; he is a very feared hero in the higher ranks of the matchmaking. We believe that a nerf would never be enough, because the hero’s concept is too strong in a meta that year after year gives a huge value to mobility and disables. He can stun, silence and nuke at the same time!
Shadow Fiend Shadow Fiend, who has hovered between tier 1 and 2 for almost 11 months: will he finally be nerfed, or he will continue dominating the mid lane during the new year? The hero has weaknesses and strengths, but he keeps being a big pick due to his versatility and ability to adapt to the actual meta. With 524 games and a 56% win rate, he is the top 5 most played hero in v6.85 while maintaining a respectable win rate. We believe that increasing the mana cost of Shadowraze Shadowraze is the right and easier choice to balance him, but a nerf to his farming ability could even kill the hero competitively. 
Terrorblade is confused about his future - Gif by r/u/aldroyd
Terrorblade Terrorblade, will you finally be an happy demon? Lore wise, he is one of the heroes who has suffered the most, because he couldn’t join his brother on the battlefield. In fact, his responses to Anti-Mage Anti-Mage were removed when he was introduced in Dota 2. Initially, he had a sudden burst of popularity in competitive games, but after just a couple of weeks, he suffered substantial direct nerfs. Later on, Valve nerfed all illusion heroes and their splitpushing ability; in fact in v6.83, illusions’ damage against structures was reduced by 25%. Now TB has enjoyed a new life thanks to the v6.85 rework. His focus changed from split-pushing to teamfighting, but he hasn’t been considered ready for the pro scene. v6.86 could herald his return, but he could potentially receive additional nerfs/buffs or new changes before being considered balanced. 
What do you expect from the next patch? Would you like a buff for your favorite heroes or would making them a popular pick would be a bother? Or maybe you are still awaiting the promised desert terrain? We would appreciate different improvements to the client’s interface. The armory looks good, but sometimes it is painful to navigate and try different items and sets; the system utilized in the Source 1 seemed simpler and faster. It would be also useful to increase our multitasking ability. Currently, there are different situations in which the client blocks us when doing particular actions, for example, when we are waiting in a lobby for other players to load the game. Reborn was released only a few months ago, so there is still much room for improvement, and we believe that the winter update will bring much exciting news.
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