FARM4FAME: Na`Vi.DotA vs The Retry

2nd round:

image Natus Vincere > image The Retry
image Druidz E-Sports vs image Stronk Turtle
image shift vs image MYM
image vs image DTS

1st round:

image The Retry > image ze GERMANS
image Natus Vincere > image Virus.DotA
image Team GosuGamers < image Druidz E-Sports
image Stronk Turtle > image FEARZ eSports
image FailMicro < image shift
image MYM > image
image > image magical Gaming
image DTS > image Global Challengers


AuthorXeozor Date 3 February 2011, 15:28 Views15696 Comments3
Comments (2)
User Deleted
#1 3 February 2011, 22:24
17:00 cet on 4th Feb. plz fix
User Deleted
#2 4 February 2011, 17:46
wp guys, rly great teamplay.
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