New Twitch format


The video game streaming service is transitioning from Adobe Flash to HTML 5. So far, the implenented changes look really progressive. The chat and video player controls are the only two website sections changed, but the whole system should be redesigned very soon. 


The transition to HTML 5 will bring the streaming platform to a whole new level and make it a lot easier to use. According to the developers, the service will become 4 times quicker, more reliable and less prone to crashes due to the heavy load. All in all, it should work better and be more stable, giving lots of talented people their space to work and have fun.


A new media player has been under development since January of this year. The fact that entire Twitch website had been based on Flash presented the biggest challenge for all its developers. Nonetheless, those changes were extremely important for the system, considering the huge number of dissatisfied users. 

The user interface on has already been redesigned with the use of HTML 5 and Javascript, but it is available for only 2 % of Twitch users. А few popular streamers, including Ukraine Natus Vincere’s legend — Аrseniy Trynozhenko, have already received their access to it. The new interface is supported by Safari and Microsoft Edge browsers


The next step towards the improvement of Twitch platform is to transition entirely to HTML 5. Of course, this process can take a lot of time, so the updated version of the video player will most likely be available only after The International 2015


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