Fifth time at The International

Many gamers and fans of Dota 2 dream about the trip to The International. Meanwhile, these guys visit the event on a regular basis. Meet the players, who haven't missed TI a single time. Moreover, we'll recall the casters, who cast the matches of The International and have become an inalienable part of the event. Enjoy reading!


Before speaking about the players, who haven't missed a single The International, we'd like to point out that only two teams participate in the event on a regular basis: Ukraine Natus Vincere and China Invictus Gaming. Notwithstanding the line-ups of the mentioned teams have undergone numerous reshuffles since the first TI, their banners are always be seen at the main Dota 2 event. Moreover, both organization earned TI titles. Ukraine Natus Vincere was the first team to win The International and became runner-ups at TI2 and TI3. China Invictus Gaming took fifth place in 2011 and the first place in 2012.


Ukraine Alexander "XBOCT" Dashkevich is a player of Ukraine Natuse Vincere, who has been fighting over the champion's title with his teammates since 2011. He hasn't changed the team ever since. This year we'll be happy to see him once again, showing his aggressive performance.
China Wang "SanSheng" Zhaohui is a professional player from China, who first appeared at TI as a player of the above mentioned China Invictus Gaming. In 2012 and 2013 he participated in the event, as a player of China TongFu Gaming. He won first place at The International 2014 with his teammates from China Newbee.
Ukraine Danil "Dendi" Ishutin is a prominent player of Ukraine Natus Vincere. He has visited all the TIs along with his team - Natus Vincere, having become an inalienable part of both - Ukraine Na`Vi and The International. The fans from all over the world watch his marvellous performance with much excitement. Apart from that Ukraine Dendi's well-known for his outstanding personality.
Estonia Klement "Puppey" Ivanov is a player, who visits The International every year. Klement visited TIs 2011-2014 as a player of Ukraine Natus Vincere. This year he'll first come to the event as a player of International Team Secret. This makes his performance very interesting to watch, all the more his team is an obvious favorite of the championship.
Germany Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Takhasomi is a player, well known by the fans of Ukraine Natus Vincere. He came to the first TI in the squad of GosuGamers. He played at the second TI as a player of International mousesports. He came to TIs 3 and 4 as a member of Ukraine Natuse Vincere. This year he's expected to win the event with International Team Secret, leaded by captain Puppey.
China Luo “Ferrari 430” Fei Chi is a talented player, who has been playing for China Invictus Gaming since the first TI. After a successful performance in 2012, he was considered as one of the best solo-miders for a long time. However, China Invictus Gaming hasn't achieved any substantial victories since 2013, performing on a very average level at TI.
China Zeng “Faith” Hong Da visited the first TI as a player of China TyLoo. The next year he won $ 1 000 000 along with China Invictus Gaming, having took first place at the second TI. He hasn't changed the team ever since.
China Chen “Hao” Zhi Hao is a Chinese player, who won the champion's title at the previous The International as ChinaNewbee player. Before that he'd visited TI as a player of well-known teams: China TyLoo and China TongFu. This year he'll play in the line-up of China Vici Gaming, which has shown great performance all over the year.

Russian Federation Sergey "God" Bragin spent TIs 2011-2013 in 3 different teams: Russian Federation Moscow Five, Ukraine Darer and International  LGD International. He then joined Russian Federation in 2014 and has been playing there ever since.


China Lei “MMY” Zeng Rong is a pro Chinese player, who participated in the first two TIs as China EHOME player. He went to TI 3 and 4 with China Team DK. This year, he is in the line-up of China LGD Gaming.



Singapore Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang is a professional eSportsman from Singapore, whose team Singapore Scythe Gaming took third place at The International 2011. The following 2 years he played in Singapore Team Zenith. He went to The International 2014 as China Team DK player. This year he plays for China Vici Gaming. 


China Zhang "xiao8" Ning is a Chinese professional player, who won The International 2014 along with China Hao and other China Newbee players. He played at the first TI as China Invictus Gaming player, and took part in TI 2012-2013 as China LGD Gaming player. This year he's the member of China LGD Gaming once again.


United States Saahil “Universe” Arora is a talented player from the US. He went to the first TI as a member of International OK.Nirvana.Int. Next year he was a player of United States Evil Geniuses, and entered TI 2013 as a member of United States Team Dignitas. Later he came back toUnited States  Evil Genuises and went to TI4 with this team. He'll play at TI2015 as Evil Geniuses too.



Denmark Rasmus "MiSeRy" Filipsen is a Danish player, who went to the first TI in the line-up of Denmark Meet Your Makers. Actually Rasmus didn't go to TI twice as a member of one team. He went there with Sweden Counter Logic Gaming in 2012, with International LGD International in 2013 and in mousespoets in 2014. This year he's the player of International Cloud9.


China Yao “Yao” Zheng Zheng is a professional eSportsman from China. He went to first TI as a member of China OK.Nirvana.CN. Since 2012 he's been playing in China LGD Gaming. He'll come to TI this year with this team.



There are only 2 casters, who comment the event every year. These are Ukraine Vitaliy "V1lat" Volochai and Australia Toby "TobiWan" Dawson. Their names are well-known in the community, since they are eager to participate in any grand event. It's obvious they do what they love, so no surprise they work at every International. As a rule, they cast the matches of TI grand finals.
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