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Hello everyone from Kiev, where today the SLTV Star Series Season 2 LAN finals start.  While originally 6 teams had to attend the event, only 5 made their way to Kiev. Just few days before the tournament image EG and image Keita dropped out and image mTw were not able to attend. The replacement was made by image Empire, but the 6th team is still missing. This means that 4 teams from Ukraine and Russia will defend their ground and the only international team in Kiev will be image mousesports.



Latest updates:


20:00 - Playday One is over! Na`Vi vs mousesports and Moscow 5 vs Darer is what we will see tomorrow starting at 13:00 CET. Stay with us.


19:24 - Pick/Bans for Na`Vi vs Empire final match:



19:17 - Pirate image VOD for image Na`Vi vs Darer is ready, watch how the action was starting !



18:16 - Right befor the last match we tried to talk to our teamleader image Clement "Puppey" Ivanov, but he trolled us in a gentle and excellent manner. Click CC button in YouTube player to enable English subtitles:



18:13 - In a very intense but a confident manner image Natus Vincere beats image Darer to take the lead in the groupstage. In 40 minutes they will face Empire in the consequive round. Meanwhile image Empire did what we can name a sensation by beating mousesports. This means the last round will decide the fate of image mouz / image M5 / image Empire of the StarLadder as the worst team by timerating will leave the tournament today.


16:27 - Our team wins the second match and will now go head to head with image Darer on the stage who are also are currently undefeated in the groupstage. 


16:12 - Day One Gallery is now available! Check it our for fresh photos live from Kiev.


15:56 - We got the first video availabe with Dendi showing some skill on the solo-mid Rubick. Enjoy:



15:46 image Natus Vincere will now move back to the gaming area to face image Moscow 5. However the next match versus image Darer will be back again on the Kiev CyberSport Arena's stage. 


13:26 - The match is delayed due to technical issues on stage. Will start ASAP.


12:57 image Na`Vi and mousesports are on the main stage, match will start shortly. Meanwhile v1lat told us that there will be certain changes in Season 3 format to avoid drop outs from the LAN season. He did not reveal any details, yet, but we will catch him for an interview later on.


12:27 image Na`Vi's match versus image mousesports will start shortly, meanwhile we've got the "6th team" here - DOTA 2 female squad of Ultraviolet who are coached by non other than LighTofHeaveN himself! Intrigued? Stay with us for exclusive interview :P


11:10 - Hello everyone! For the next four days our creative team of image Oleg "prb" Bulavko and image Andrew "Xeo" Yatsenko will be doing a live on sight coverage from Kiev CyberSport Arena to produce tons of video, text and photocontent for all our fans. We hope that you will enjoy our coverage and will regularly check it for updates. Stay with us!




  Time (CET) Match
Group G W T L +/- P
image Na'Vi #1  4  4        12
image Mousesports #4  4  1    3    3
image Empire   4  1    3    3
image Darer  #2  4  3    1    9
image M5 #3  4  1    3    3
  image Empire [0:1image Darer
  image Mousesports [1:0] image M5 
  image Mousesports [0:1image Na'Vi
  image Empire [0:1image M5
  image Na'Vi [1:0] image M5 
  image Mousesports [0:1image Darer
  image Na'Vi [1:0] image Darer
  image Empire [1:0] image Mousesports 
  image Darer [1:0] image M5 
  image Na'Vi [1:0] image Empire


Tournament format:

- Groupstage: 6 teams to join the groupformat (only 5 attending at the moment). They will all play round robin bo1 to decide 4 teams to join the play off.
- Play off is Double Elimination. Four groupstage finalists to face each other in the first winner bracket round, A1 vs A4, A2 vs A3. All matches are bo3 wih the grand final being bo5 (winner bracket finalists receive 1 game lead).
Star Series DOTA 2 prizepool:
1 place – $6000
2 place – $3000
3 place – $2500 
4 place – $2000
5 место – $500




image Na'Vi: Puppey, LightOfHeaven, Dendi, XBOCT, ARS-ART
image Darer: Artstyle, GOD, Go[blin], Mag~, Funn1k
image Empire: Scandal, blow, James, Fly, Jackal
image Mousesports: 1437, Black^, SingSing, SexyBamboe, CWM
image M5: PGG, Bloodangel, Silent, Admir, vigoss
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