Overwatch beta-test: this weekend!


This weekend, Overwatch servers will be stress-tested for the first time. The testing will be made by inviting more players in the game. Such long-term testing is normal for Blizzard. All the last projects of the company (Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void) spent much time in closed beta and were released only after all the possible mistakes had been fixed. Such model proved to be effective, and thus will be applied for Overwatch. 


According to the announcement on the official website of the game, the first portion of invites will be send before the weekend. Which is why lots of players will be able to test the game, but only during the stress-test. The testing will begin on 20 November at 18:00 CET and will last until 23 November at 18:00. Overwatch developers also recommended to load the game on Thursday, 19 November. 


Blizzard representatives stated that this was not a marketing campaign. It is a true test of the working load capacity of the servers. Taking into account the recent problems of launching to Battle.net, which occurred after the release of SC II: LotV, we can consider the company's statement to be true. This test is not the only one. The developers announced at BlizzCon that such testing would be done multiple times. The next opportunity to get the invitation to the game will be in early 2016.



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