Flamie is the world's top 14!


Yesterday the annul ranking of top20 best pro players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was updated, one of the Born to Win added. Russian Federation Egor "flamie" Vasiliev hit 14th line of the prestigious list by hltv.org


Egor got to such ranking for the first time. The player managed to morph from a perspective "young blood" into a stable and imperturbable professional. It was flamie, who became the necessary detail, necessary for the mechanism of our CS:GO squad to excel in performance in the past season.


As concerns individual achievements of flamie, he's got second highest stats in won clutch rounds: with 68 victories. Moreover, he was useful to the team in 67,3% of rounds with a kill, assist or surviving. 

Indidvidual stats of Russian Federation Egor "flamie" Vasiliev



The ranking is based on the performance of the players at large LAN-tournaments of 2015. The main statistical parameter is the contribution of a player to the team's success at a tournament. The individual indicator of efficiency in won/lost round, the quality of performance in important matches, the victories in clutches as well as the ability to make the first frag in a round were taken into account. There's no doubt at least one more player of Ukraine Natus Vincere will join the ranking.


Full list of best players of 2015 by hltv.org


As per moment seven names of the players have been revealed. Hltv.org stated that all of them participated in both Major tournaments of the year as well as in other championships with $ 250 000 prize pool. Furthermore, 11 players played at ESWC, and 16 performed at FACEIT Stage 3 Finals, held under the auspices of DreamHack Winter 2015. Follow the updates on our website, as we will add the names everyday!



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