The last Treasure of Compendium


Tonight, right before the beginning of The Frankfurt Major, a new update was released. It's most interesting part is the last Treasure, devoted to the Fall's Compendium. We offer our readers to take a closer look at it. The items of this chest are arguable.


Fluttering Cache — $ 1,99


New Treasure looks like a butterfly. It can only be acquired by the owners of Compendium. Furthermore, you'll get a bonus treasure after your buy 5 new items. You can also get new Compendium levels or a courier.


Twilight's Rest


The first is a fine set for Witch Doctor Witch Doctor. After a short examination of the set, we'd like to ask Valve for what reason such splendid work, which had acquired many likes in the Workshop, was introduced in a game client in such "cut version". Meanwhile, the work, which wasn't as impressing, was added in almost full version. Well, guess, we'll never know.



The ward for Death Ward ability was left behind in the Workshop forever. The other items were added in their initial version. There are 6 items, including loading screen.


Empire of the Lightning Lord


An interesting set for Razor Razor, which, unfortunately, got rid of his scar upon getting to the game client. Seems plastic surgery finally got in Dota 2. Furthermore, the set not only lost the initial look of some parts, but also an important of high quality sets - custom items. Anyway the work is very good and it is worth to be added to the Treasure.



The set was created in cooperation with Russian Federation Team Empire: as you see from the preview above, the logo of the organization was initially on the hero's chest. The set includes 5 items and a loading screen.


Haunted Lord


The second set of Wraith King Wraith King, which fully covers the face of the King. The items don't really distinguish from similar items. However, the armor looks decently and fits the hero well.



An unusual helmet crowned with horns is the feature of this set. Apart from that, this is the only set, which was added to the game client unchanged. It has 7 items


Giant Hunter


This is a very interesting set, which turns Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter into a ninja or a mighty warrior of Middle Age Japan. Anyway, the set is very unusual, and it fits the hero so well. It's pity that Bounty is invisible almost all the time.



Custom icons would've been ideal addition to this set, but for the author. The set has 6 items and a loading screen.


Lady of the Lumini Polare


It's so pleasant to see the set, which we once included in our Workshop overview, added to the Treasure. However, there's one aspect, which attracted much criticism of the players — black hair of the hero. It's strange why Valve decided to pick black hair instead of blond, though it seems inappropriate. Furthermore, it's sad that the custom items and effects haven' been added to game client.



We can't hep admitting that the set looks great on Crystal Maiden Crystal Maiden, but haircut is a disaster. Isn't it high time Valve introduced more deliberate approach to adding new items in the game? The set comprises of 5 items and a loading screen.


Gifted Jester


China Vici Gaming player China Lin “fy” Sen Xu is considered to be one of the best performers on Rubick Rubick. He is even called f-god for his beautiful game. There's no surprize this set was created in cooperation with China fy. This is a high quality work, which is worth getting to collection of every Dota 2 fan.



Unfortunately Valve didn't allow to add custom items, which looked quite good. The set compounds of 5 items, including loading screen.


Swooping Elder


This set for Gyrocopter Gyrocopter is quite arguable. You can compare with a prominent set The Alpine Stalker for Ursa Ursa, which was excluded from Dota 2 and tell which one of them fit the game better?



Surely the set will find his fans, but still, don't you think it's too much? Anyway, the set has 6 items and a loading screen.


Seekling / Golden Seekling


Rare and very rare are the couriers, which look like a small copy of Bloodseeker BloodseekerSeekling and Golden Seekling (this one is made in golden colours similar to the couriers of The International 2015 tresures) are well made, but it will be hard to get even the ordinary one due to their rarity.

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