Arbalet and Na`Vi partnership runs out

imageWe all remember that image Na`Vi's creation was possible due to the support and funding of image Murat "Arbalet" Zhumashevich. Together we had a long and successful journey and were able to win four World Championships: World Cyber Games, Electronic Sports World Cup and Intel Extreme Masters (seasons IV and V). His life philosophy and priceless experience helped us a lot on our way to the Olympia.

In October, 2011 our agreement with Murat Zhumashevich runs out and further development of Natus Vincere will be done by our own costs. We want to thank image Arbalet for his immense contribution to our team and e-Sports on the whole. Arbalet Cup series tournaments proved that CIS teams are able to compete and beat recognized e-Sports starts as well as gave that valuable experience which helped Ukraine to become one of the strongest e-Sports nations in the world. 

Murat Zhumashevich will be still our good friend and our most loyal fan, that is why we'll do our best to please all our followers with the outstanding sports results and new achievements! Arbalet and Arbalet Cup organizers also wish team Na`Vi all the best and look forward to see new victories and records.

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#1 1 October 2011, 02:49
sad =

i love navi, i love arbalet, the tops in cs :D
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#2 2 October 2011, 08:59
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