Meet the teams invited to The Frankfurt Major


The invites to the most important Dota 2 event of this Autumn - Frankfurt Major - have been announced. Expectedly they were given to the teams, which showed the best results at The International 2015 and after it.


Evil Geniuses


Notwithstanding the failure at the recent ESL One and kick off on the very first stage of the tournament by Russian Federation Vega Squadron, United States Evil Geniuses are not only the reigning champion of The International, but also one of the strongest teams of the world. Surely, the team undergoes some problems, since they recently changed roles and welcomed the return of the prodical Canada Arteezy. However, it will be hard to imagine major without them.


CDEC Gaming


The legend of former pub players, who dared enter the battle with favorites and climb as high as the Grand Final of The International 2015 will always remain in the hearts of ordinary Dota 2 players, as a story of their dream-come-true. This year's Cinderella China CDEC Gaming received its invite deservedly. The situation is intriguing. Will the team be able to play at the same high level or Seattle trip was nothing but temporary success, caused by euphoria. It will become clear at Major in Frankfurt.


LGD Gaming


China LGD Gaming took third place at The International 2015. So there's no surprize the team got invite to the Fall's Major. The team is aspired to demonstrate that they deserve more than third place. They even appointed China rOtK as a captain!


Vici Gaming


The squad of this Chinese teams seems to be even more powerful than before: the legend of the Chinese team China BurNIng, a couple of newcomers as replacement players, and, which is most important, the remained players. The game will inspire the audience. So don't miss feature Rubick Rubick by China fy: «F-GOD!»


Vega Squadron


The fifth slot was given to the most discussed team of the recent days. Russian Federation Vega Squadron showed very confident and synchronized game at the past ESL One NY, having vanished all the rivals in their way and taken first place. They deserved the direct invite to the Fall's Major. What else will the sharks show us?


Team Secret


Inviting International Team Secret, which underwent almost entire change of the squad, is questionable. All the previous achievements are made by other players. However, the roster is rater notable. We'll see what will come out of it.


Notwithstanding all the recent achievements of Russian Federation Vega Squadron, it is Russian Federation, which is the most powerful team in the CIS region. The bears have been demonstrating very powerful and stable game, that is why, there's no surprize they were invited.




The last invite was sent to China EHOME. After The International 2015, at which they took 5-6 place, the team changed 3 players in the roster. So the situation is pretty same to that of International Team Secret — a team can both succeed and fail.

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