The Frankfurt Major qualifiers - Part 1


The first ever Major in Dota 2 is barely a month away and the last qualifiers for the event have just ended today. As we already know, the Major will take place from November 16th to 21st and feature a $ 3.000.000 USD prize pool. Eight teams were invited and eight spots were left for the winners of the qualifiers. The two best teams from SEA, Europe, America and China would secure their ticket to the first ever Valve sponsored Dota 2 major. In this news we will take a look at the SEA and the Europe qualifier while another news will focus on the America and China qualifier.


About the SEA qualifier


Some people were surprised as International fnatic didn't receive a direct invite to the event. However, no other SEA team received an invite either. Therefore the SEA qualifier would feature the best teams from that part of the world and some good games were almost guaranteed. The group stage didn't come up with many surprises as fnaticThailand Signature.TrustPhilippines Mineski and Malaysia Team SatuDuaTiga were the top two teams in their respective groups. One upset was the poor performance from Korea, Republic of MVP HOT6 as they finished the group stage with a score of 0-0-4 as the last place in their group. Korea, Republic of MVP Phoenix did better but were unlucky in the end as three teams finished the group with a 3-0-1 record. Coming to the playoff stage many people thought they knew how they would turn out but some teams caused a few surprises. Fnatic and Mineski barely had any problems and quickly advanced to the upper bracket finals. The team from the Philippines decided to step up and bring their A-game which caused a major upset as they won against the heavy favourite fnatic and took the first spot to Frankfurt. The Malaysian team with their star player Germany Dominik "Black^" Reitmeier didn't stumble any further though as they quickly finished off their opponents with a clean and swift 2-0 in the lower bracket finals securing their tickets to the Major.



About the Europe qualifier


Big names and many teams which wanted to show what they are made of promised a lot of interesting games - in the group stage already! Both groups had a good mix of teams and no group was easy or too hard. The first group turned out to be the most interesting one. Many people expected International Team Liquid and Russian Federation Team Empire or even International 4 Clovers & Lepricon to advance to the playoffs. While Team Empire managed to get a 2-1-1 score and barely missed the playoffs, 4 C&L had some poor performances and finished last in their group with not even a single win. None of the viewers expected a return from the kings of the north though as Sweden The Alliance was more than ready to take on the opponents, finishing the group stage with a 3-0-1 record, same for Team Liquid who finished first place. The second group was not as surprising but still gave some evidence of the current skill of the teams. Despite their best efforts Ukraine Natus Vincere was not able to pass the group stage and the 0-2-2 score was also the score for International CIS Rejects. The CIS player mix didn't seem on point and didn't manage to win a single game which was a surprise for many people. Even the quite new team International No Logic Gaming with some famous names from the scene turned out to be more prepared. However, International Monkey Business managed to secure the second place in the group, while Sweden NiP turned out to be the strongest team in the group. They looked dangerously good prepared and had little to no trouble at all.


Alliance's AdmiralBulldog crushed the opponents quite a few times


The playoffs should deliver some of the most exciting games in 2015 as the teams delivered their A-game, at least some of them. While Monkey Business quickly finished off Liquid and sent them to the lower bracket, the Swedish El Clasico between NiP and Alliance ended with a 2-0 score in favour of the Ninjas. Most people counted Alliance out and thought Team Liquid would have no trouble advancing but they were wrong. Alliance showed some of their best plays and Sweden Henrik "AdmiralBulldog" Ahnberg showed some of the best plays on his signature hero Natures Prophet. Treants were all over the map and the five players from Team Liquid might even have some nightmares about treants swarming the map. The biggest surprise of the European qualifier was perfect as the "kings of the north" eliminated one of the big favourites of the qualifier in style. However, they were not done yet and faced NiP again as Monkey Business had finished them off 2-0 earlier in the upper bracket finals. The lower bracket finals were a rematch of the previous encounter between both Swedish times, this time it would turn out different.


Alliance seems to be back, their comeback was one of the biggest in the 6.8 history of Dota 2


The first game quickly went to Alliance as they simply overran NiP and quickly took the first map. In game two it looked like the Ninjas could come back as they won their lanes and even won the mid game. Failed high ground attempts didn't stop them though and the Ninjas destroyed some racks, while the "rat king" destroyed one set of racks as well. Some more fights took place and NiP quickly built up a notable lead which even ended in destroying all baracks, getting mega creeps and even destroying tier 4 towers. Noone is really sure what happened but the facts spoke clear language: Alliance was facing mega creeps, they lost all barracks and tier 4 towers and they were behind by quite a lot, more than 20k in experience and more than 15k in gold terms. The (former) Swedish giants and TI3 winners started an epic comeback, completely team wiping the Ninjas two times and taking their one and only chance. They quickly pushed out the lanes, marched down the mid lane, took down the tier 3 tower and went straight for the tier 4 tower and the throne. Even buybacks from the Ninjas couldn't stop them, BKBs were used and Alliance won the second game which left the players speakless and casters going crazy. Alliance had done it and it seems like "Alliance is back" indeed! The second game was one of the biggest comebacks in the 6.8 history of Dota 2. Therefore the Monkeys and the Swedish kings of the North are going to the Frankfurt Major!


Find out about the American and China qualifier in the second part!

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