The Frankfurt Major qualifiers - Part 2



The first ever Major in Dota 2 is barely a month away and the last qualifiers for the event have just ended today. As we already know, the Major will take place from November 16th to 21st and feature a $ 3.000.000 USD prize pool. Eight teams were invited and eight spots were left for the winners of the qualifiers. The two best teams from SEA, Europe, America and China would secure their ticket to the first ever Valve sponsored Dota 2 major. In this news we will take a look at the America and China qualifier.


About the America qualifier


Group stages can be hard for routiniers as it turned out. Neither Canada Void Boys, nor United States compLexity Gaming, United States Root Gaming or United States Leviathan managed to even advance to the playoffs. Other newly formed teams or new lineups for know organizations showed some good performances though. Two Peruvian teams, Peru Elite Wolves and Peru Unknown.xiu managed to advance to the playoffs, alongside United States Cloud9 and United States Digital Chaos, two big names in the American scene. The playoffs were no cakewalk either as especially the Peruvian teams showed some impressive performances. While U.xiu was able to win against Elite Wolves, Cloud9 won agains DC 2-1, which sent the newly found team down to the lower bracket, facing elimination. While Cloud9 was able to win, securing the first spot to Frankfurt, DC faced a rocky road. They barely managed to win against EWolves but had no chance against U.xui who crushed them in the lower bracket finals, destroying all hope of qualifiying for Frankfurt. The American scene is in shock and learned that the Peruvian teams are serious opponents and can take games, even game series against them.



About the China qualifier


Out of all the qualifiers these held the least surprises and upsets and nearly went as expected. China TongFu played poorly and didn't advance to the playoffs but China Newbee, China Wings Gaming, China Invictus Gaming and China Newbee.Young had no problems to advance to the playoffs. Although there seems to be new blood and new hope on the horizon the veterans and former TI winners didn't want to miss the first ever Major. Newbee won against their other squad with 2-1 which was followed by a quick 2-0 swipe over iG, who didn't give up hope. They won against Wings Gaming 2-1 previously and took the lower bracket finals in a convincing fashion. They 2-0d Newbee.Young and secured the second spot to the Frankfurt Major, following the TI4 winners Newbee.


China ChuaN and his team mates are back on track


All 16 teams for the Frankfurt Major have now been determined and the teams will have one month of preparation before one of the biggest events of the year in Dota 2 will kick off. This might be the last big tournament of the year and an opportunity for the teams to show what they are made off. Make sure to watch out for any news of the tournament and if you can make sure to go by to Frankfurt to see the 16 teams live in action - stay tuned!

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