The Frankfurt Major results


For over 7 days, grandiose Dota 2 tournament in Frankfurt - The Frankfurt Major - granted extreme emotions to the fans. Now that it's over, we decided to analyze and summarize the event.


The winners  of the tournament

Eaglesong cup in the hands of the winners (source)


Before the tournament the predictions for International OG were maximum top4. The analyst said that the most important for this team is to acquire necessary experience, while the result was reported of lesser importance. However, the players seem not to have satisfied with the perspective. Instead, having defeated almost every rival on their way, they won the tournament, gaining a solid title and prize money.
As they reached the grand final, having undergone a hard path through lower brackets with a streak of 6 victories over the world's most powerful Dota 2 teams, International OG still weren't the favorite of the match. However, sports history proves the favorites fall defeated by the aspired newcomers and no one is undefeatable. Having lost one map, International OG practically smashed European grand - International Team Secret, leaving no chance to Estonia Puppey and his team. We congratulate the players with a splendid and deserved victory! We only want to know what International OG abbreviation stand for...

International OG Roster

jo Amer "Miracle_jr" Barqawi dk Johan "BigDaddy" Sundstein ca David "MoonMeander" Tan dk Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen

il Tal "Fly-Simba" Aizik


Losers of the tournament

The winners of The International 2014 lost their power (source)


It's hard to determine one particular team as a loser of the tournament. However, the leaders of non-complying with the expectations of the fans are China Newbee and Sweden Alliance. Both teams came to the event after having successfully passed the qualifiers. The Swedes did have some troubles during qualifiers, while  Newbee didn't lose a single match. This success was followed, however, some very awkward performance in Frankfurt.
The champions of The International 2014 managed to achieve only one victory in group stage over the outsider - Malaysia Fnatic. They were defeated by Russian Federation 0:2 and  United States Evil Geniuses 0:2. However, the worst part was ahead... In the lower brackets the Chinese encountered - Peru Team Unknown. What could possibly a young Peruvian team do against the former TI champion, taking into account it also took last place in its group and had never played at grand LAN events before? It turned out they could do much. The youngsters from Latin America defeated China Newbee easily. They seemed to have much fun playing, while the Chinese didn't enjoy the game at all, as they had to go home. Surprise!

Do you remember that fan who promised to make the tattoo? Seems that he had finally reached his idols to show them his loyalty! (source)


 "Alliance is back!" - seems like we won't hear this phrase as often as we did before. The Swedes were predicted to get to play off easily at least, but the failed the tournament. They won only one map of 7! They were lucky to encounter one of the Major's weakest team - United States Cloud9, otherwise they would've got to the last lines of the tournament table. ­­The Cloud players couldn't oppose Sweden Alliance and lost. However, the Swedish team didn't stay for a long time. Following the match against Americans, they lost to the Russian bears from 0:2. Though the roster of the team hasn't changed since TI 2013, their performance has dropped significantly, leaving only bright names and no achievements. 

Tournament's surprises

These guys managed to prove to the viewers that eSports can be funny  (source)


Surely the winner team International OG is one of the event's surprises, but not the biggest one. Though nobody had expected former International (monkey) Business would get as high as top1, they were expected to show good performance. Meanwhile, there was a team, which was almost unknown in global community, namely Peru Team Unknown. The Peruvians began poorly with 2 losses and zero victories in group stage. It seemed they'd leave the tournament in the very first round of the lower brackets. However, "crazy" match against Newbee turned the team into one of the viewers'' favorites. It seemed everyone cried  "Viva Peru!" after the Unknown team defeated China Newbee. Though this victory was followed by the loss, neither fans, nor the players were disappointed: $ 45 000 prize and absolute love of the domestic community in Peru. 

The most popular organization of Philippines has finally managed to achieve fair result at Valve's tournament (source)


Huskar Huskar and Dazzle Dazzle combination will chase the rivals of Philippines Mineski in nightmares: the players implemented the strategy so efficiently, that they overcame seemingly more powerful and surely more experienced China EHOME and Sweden Alliance in group table. Though they didn't manage to succeed in playoff. Perhaps it was due to the fact they twice encountered the future finalists: first in the upper brackets and later in the lower brackets. Bad luck it was. Anyway, the team achieved better result than before, and a fair reward of $ 45 000 for their performance.

The most useful player


It was largely due to excellent play of Cty that EHOME could go as far in the tournament brackets (source)


Many our readers wouldn't agree with it, expecting to see Jordan Miracle- as the best player. However, the statistics proves we are right. China Tian Yu “Cty” Chen impressed many people with his outstanding performance at The International 2015, which resulted in signing long-term contract with China EHOME. The performance of China Cty was even more remarkable at The Frankfurt Major: the player created fantastic moments, and never dropped below the level he had reached. 
China Cty Stats at The Frankfurt Major (Source —
17 matches 10 victories losses   Average KDA — 8,4 Average GPM — 573 Average XPM — 584


Victory at The Frankfurt Major is the largest achievement in Johan's career (source)


It'd be unfair not to mention the representative of winner team of the tournament - dk Johan "BigDaddy” Sundstein. He changed his role, turning into carry fro, support, and overcame all the prominent players of this role. Think about it: of 26 matches played, the average KDA is 8.3!  That's fantastic, taking into account that his teammate Jordan Miracle's KDA is 1.7 points less, while China Cty played 9 matches less. It's said that Johan remains in shadow. However, there's no way to hide from statistics!

dk BigDaddy Stats at The Frankfurt Major (Source —
26 matches 18 victories 8 losses Average KDA — 8,3 Average GPM — 521 Average XPM — 515



Only players, who played over 15 matches at the tournament, were mentioned, so there's no surprise that there's no China CDEC Gaming's carry - China Agressif or China Sccc from China Newbee.Young. Notwithstanding the fantastic KDA of 9.3, the players played only 11 and 7 matches respectively.


One of the event's hosts, Kotlguy, next to cosplayers (source)

Cosplay is an established tradition at Dota 2 tournaments. There are lots of cosplayers, they're very different, but they usually enable the viewers to feel inside the game world. There were lots of beautiful works at The Frankfurt Major. Lucky fans managed to take photo with the cosplayers they liked most.

Beautiful girls as Elder Titan and Techies (source)


 Tournament's best moment

The tournament granted lots of emotions: happiness for the winners, sadness due to the loss of the favorite team, admiration of game combinations... Each viewer has his own best moments, which will long be remembered. However, we can't help pointing at the fantastic Closing Ceremony! "gg grats wp" by sad EternaLEnVy, jumping OG players, fireworks for the winners and the celebration with the fans! The first Major was just awesome!

Dota 2: OG CHAMPIONS FRANKFURT MAJOR 2015 — Closing Ceremony


The tournament granted lots of emotions: happiness for the winners, sadness due to the loss of the favorite team, admiration of game combinations... Each viewer has his own best moments, which will long be remembered. However, we can't help pointing at the fantastic Closing Ceremony! "gg grats wp" by sad Canada EternaLEnVy, jumping International OG players, fireworks for the winners and the celebration with the fans! The first Major was just awesome!

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