G2A Sale 28th - 29th June


We are happy to announce cool news of our partner G2A: the seasonal sale is launched on the g2a.com! The weather is rather cold and nasty for the summertime. However this has never been an obstacle for the gamers, ‘cause the weather is always cool for playing video games. Therefore we announce Gamers’ Summer! Read more in this news.


G2A is a unique platform that allows both buying video games at a reduced price and selling them to others. Enlarge you game collection! Obtain Watch Dogs, Assasin's Creed IV, Titanfall, South Park and other masterpieces to enjoy them right now. See the full list of games at the Sale web page: www.g2a.com/weeklysaleru. Hurry up! The sale will be over at 15:00 on Monday. 




Buy only liscenced games at fair prices on g2a.com!



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lastima que soy pobre :(
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