Gaming Paradise results


Ukraine Natus Vincere has played 9 maps in Slovenia, winning 6 and losing 3 of them (dust2, inferno, mirage). Our guys did 876 frags, and died 788 times in 244 rounds. Speaking about individual performance, it is Ukraine Edward who certainly deserves the title of the most valuable player. He has managed to show the best result for the first time since the summer season, where GuardiaN and Zeus often were on top. In most clutch-rounds of Gaming Paradise, Ioann Sukharev was fighting till the last moment, and focused not on the save of the weapon but on doing as much damage as possible. 

Also, Edward has scored the biggest number of frags (188), leaving  Slovakia GuardiaN 3 frags behind. Ukraine Zeus and Russian Federation flamie hit 171 each, while seized was a bit less lucky with his 161 kills. Edward the Great has also hit the biggest number of headshots (54%). The figures of others are placed below 48%. 


A kill-per-round section has the same winner (0,77 by Edward.)  As for the deaths, the leaders are Russian Federation seized and flamie, who died 163 and 164 times accordingly. Perhaps, that is the reason why they were unable to play to their fullest potential and show all things they have prepared. Edward and Guardian have died 152 times each.    


The overall rating of our players is following: Ukraine Edward (1,13), Slovakia GuardiaN (1,12), Ukraine Zeus (1,03), Russian Federation flamie (1,01), Russian Federation seized (0,96). Viewers in a stream chat were sharing their suggestions about the reasons of seized’s performance, and some of them were trying to connect it with his birthday (9 September). Anyway, Natus Vincere is a real team, and the second place taken by them is a result of the hard and diligent teamwork, not the individual performances. The Born to Win were playing for their fans, having forgotten about all problems and delays that happened at the tournament. Such a champions’ attitude is a fact that makes CS:GO lovers respect our team! 



International Team Kinguin was the most difficult opponent on the way of our guys. We encountered them twice in bo3 format, and, unfortunately, have lost both times. All the other contestants were outplayed by Na`Vi in bo1 format, and Germany mousesportsPoland Virtus.proFrance Titan were eliminated because of the great play of the Born to Win. The most played maps were de_mirage (44% of all matches) and de_dust2 (22%). De_overpass, de_cobblestone, and de_inferno were left behind with 11% each. de_mirage was the map that brought Na`Vi the most victories (3 times), but, unfortunately, the last and the most important win in grand-final was taken by Kinguin (16:11).



All in all, the tournament in Slovenia was quite beneficial for our guys. They have managed to warm-up before the LAN-tournament in Dubai, and proved how good they are to all their rivals. The work on the mistakes and uncomfortable maps as well as the individual skills of certain players after ESL One has certainly been extremely helpful. 

Gaming Paradise results for our team


  • The best Natus Vincere player — Ukraine Edward
  • The best moment —  the decision to continue the tournament despite organizational problems and uncertainty around the prize-money breakdown.
  • The best in-game moment —  Russian Federation seized's ace against Slovakia MiA on de_dust2
  • The best fragger — Ukraine Edward (188 kills)


Tournament results

top 1 place — InternationalKinguin — $ 30 000

top 2 place — Ukraine Natus Vincere — $ 15 000

top 3 place — France Titan — $ 5 000

top 4 place — Poland

top 5top 8 places — Germanymouz, Bulgaria E-frag, Slovakia CSGO-Saloon, Slovakia MiA




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