Gaming Paradise: heaven failure


Nomen est omen - the name is destiny, as they say. However, Gaming paradise is not the case. Dota 2 tournament was cancelled followed by the cancellation of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. Why did it happen?


The problems began before the tournament, when the equipment (gaming computers) was lost. This resulted in 13 hours delay of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. On 7 September: the organizers announced the cancellation of Dota 2 tournament on their official page on Facebook



The official announcement of the organizers was very short. It provided no reasons for the cancellation of the tournament in several days before the beginning, no information about the current situation of the tournament's participants.


It became even more "funny" on 8 September. The prominent Dota 2 caster Australia TobiWan, who acted as CS:GO matches commentator, wrote on his Twitter account:



Furthermore, the police held the passports of the players (later, it became known that theses were the hotel employees):



Perhaps, the only pleasant event of the whole event was the desire of the players to continue the tournament, notwithstanding all the financial and organizational problems.


they'll return the passports and I think we'll begin playing : )

They're unlikely to pay prize money < but all the gamers decided to play at the tournament!

It's all because, we'll never exchange cs to any prize!


What will happen with the prize pool? The teams agreed that the prizes would be payed during 45 days. By the way, Ukraine Natus Vincere took second place, having been defeated by International Team Kinguin in grand final. We'll see if our team will receive due prize money of $ 15 000.



I think all the teams, participating in this heavenly "hell" felt relief after the last match. It's surprising that nowadays with many tournaments and great prize pool, such thing can happen. Anyway, we watched good CS:GO, which is great!

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