Gaming Paradise first days results


Gaming Paradise organizers were unlucky right from the start, as they had to face several serious problems. First, they have lost the car that was transporting all computers for the contestants, and after that have got ones with no video cards. All of these things have caused a 10-hour delay of the first CS:GO game, and the cancellation of the Dota 2 tournament.


The first match of Natus Vincere wasn’t broadcasted on GOTV. The tournament organizers couldn’t manage to set everything before the beginning of the game, so the win of our team against  SlovakiaMiA could be witnessed only by Gaming Paradise attendees. Our guys have managed to win with a 16:2 on de_mirage, and 16:5 on de_dust2. This game has motivated Natus Vincere players to work even harder, even though the following matches promised to be even more intense.



The next game was played seven hours later. After the win over the Slovenian team, Na`Vi advanced to the Upper Bracket final and had to encounter International Team Kinguin which outplayed  Bulgaria E-frag in their first match. de_mirage, de_dust2, and de_inferno were chosen to determine the winner. The best map of the Born to Win has ended very fast, as our guys were able to control their rivals in every single round. The final score couldn’t be better — 16:5 (12:3, 4:2). The first map win has cheered Natus Vincere up. The captain of the team Zeus was particularly happy, as he has managed to achieve the highest K/D and became the MVP of the game.


The second map (de_dust2) started with Kinguin winning a pistol round. After that everything began moving in the wrong direction, as our rivals wanted revenge after the first loss. They were playing in a quick style and decided to play with the weapons saved from the previous round not to buy that much. This helped them perfectly control economy and prevent Na`Vi from doing full buys. As a result, second map ended with a 16:4 score.


GuardiaN and seized started watching de_dust2 demo right after the map


The strategies prepared by our guys beforehand have helped them win the first round on the decider map de_inferno. But all the following rounds included upsetting mistakes. Both teams were quite nervous and couldn’t anticipate the actions of their opponents. Nobody wanted to play risky, so the game was quite close – 3:3, 5:5, 9:9. Starting from the eleventh round, the things got crazily intense, and our players took a timeout to discuss several aspects with the coach. But it didn’t help to turn the tide of the game, and the map was lost with a 11:16 score (7:8, 4:8). Zeus, along with Edward, were extremely disappointed as they have once again managed to do the most kills. The stream broadcast showed how upset Zeus was, as he was trying to explain something to his teammates. 

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