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On December 2016 Valve published a critical patch, v7.00, that introduced a huge array of new features. Since then multiple hotfixes and updates have hit the game: IceFrog continued to adjust Dota 2 depending on the meta heroes and tactics utilized in the competitive scene. Following the end of Dota 2 Asia Championships 2017, a new chapter of this journey has been released: Dota v7.05.
We thank our UkraineVictor "GeneRaL" Nigrini, who has decided to dedicate some of his time to share his opinion on the new patch with all the fans of InternationalNatus Vincere G2A.

Tranquil Boots


"I don't think this should have significant impact. All the more, it's easier to assemble Tranquil Boots nowadays and they provide more movement speed/heal. So I don't think this is a nerf."

Doom and Bristleback


"They buffed Doom nicely. He can be picked for positions 3 or 4, as an "aura-man" in pro games. Bristleback is unlikely, only with Io or Keeper of the Light, as a preparation against the most vulnerable heroes against Bristleback."

Treant Protector in Captains Mode


"Treant is a pretty powerful hero in right hands. He's dangerous on every lane and keeps the opponent nervous, plus he can boost his lanes with unexpected save/heal. He should played as a position 4 or 5, but not as a hardlaner."
Let’s take a quick look at all the changes brought in by the patch.

General Changes

  • Treant Protector Treant Protector has been enabled in Captains Mode, but not before receiving some much needed nerfs: his base movement speed is reduced by 5, while Leech Seed Leech Seed and Overgrowth Overgrowth are now less effective in the early game, but will maintain the same effectiveness once maxed out.
  • V7.03 introduced the “tower armor bonus” that adds additional armor to the tower depending on the number of heroes sieging it. This patch reduced the tower base armor by 2, but at the same time increased the tower bonus armor by 2, and the activation range of the bonus by 200. Overall, now the tower will have slightly less armor when there is only one enemy hero nearby, but more when attacked by three or more.
  • A small nerf to the Shrines base health regen which is reduced from 100 to 90.
  • The int based heroes will inflict a bit more damage with their spells in the late game as Intelligence-based spell amplification is increased from 1% per 16 Intelligence to 1% per 15
  • The XP required to go from level 20 to 25 is reduced from 10895 to 10000, from 1600/1900/2200/2500/2695 to 1500/1750/2000/2250/2500, thus it will be marginally easier to level up.


Picture courtesy of Valve


  •  Hand of Midas: XP bonus reduced from 2.5x to 1.75x, and gold bonus increased from 190 to 220. The grand majority of the heroes bought the Midas in order to level up faster, and gain an advantage over the enemy. Overall we consider this change a nerf and we think that the usage rate of the item will decrease in competitive gaming.
  •  Orb of Venom: slow duration reduced from 4 to 3, and DPS increased from 3 to 5. It is a remarkable boost to the damage inflicted in the early game, while the slow nerf won’t affect the item much because you usually attack the enemy hero more than once every three seconds.
  •  Tranquil Boots: they no longer provide armor, the active state regeneration increased from 12 to 14, the active state movement speed increased from 85 to 90, and the disabled state movement speed increased from 55 to 65. Basically, the change will be of great help to those supports that need the extra movement speed, but will also make squishier those with low base armor.
  •  Power Treads: attribute bonus increased from 9 to 10
  •  Quelling Blade: bonus damage no longer stacks with Iron Talon. It will decrease the effectiveness of the junglers who used both items to speed up their farm.
Finally, as a custom since the introduction of the talents, a huge number of small fixes has been applied to a lot of heroes. You can find the complete list of changes on the Dota 2 blog.
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#1 scotland BeccaJ 11 April 2017, 16:30
Thanks for your input on the patch, GeneRaL. I wasn't sure what to think of the change to Tranquil Boots, so your thoughts on that are particularly useful. Are there any heroes you would buy Tranquil Boots on now but wouldn't have before 7.05? (Or heroes you wouldn't have got Tranquils on before, but now would?)
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