“Get the edge” with Razor in 7.01

Razor Razor is an agility hero who cripples enemy carries with his damage-stealing ability and speed. He can be played in any lane, but is favored as a middle lane hero. Razor’s primary goal is to use his speed to outmaneuver opponents and dominate the lane. The key to playing Razor well is to move skillfully and make use of his two positioning-based abilities: Plasma Field Plasma Field and Static Link Static Link. Razor is also the ideal 1v1 hero, as he can steal damage, deal it right back, and punish enemies simply for attacking him with his Unstable Current Unstable Current



Plasma Field -  “Thought you got away, eh?” 

Plasma Field
“Releases a wave of energetic plasma that grows in power as it expands, but also zaps on contraction, dealing damage to enemy units caught in its path. Damage increases with distance from Razor.”
With this ability, Razor hits all enemies around him in a 900 unit radius. Plasma Field Plasma Field expands from Razor, dealing damage as it moves, then hits a second time as it retracts. The ability is always centered on Razor’s current position, regardless of where he moves. Plasma Field’s damage increases as distance from Razor increases, so he can easily kill fleeing heroes. Leveling this ability will not increase the range of Plasma Field, but it will increase damage. This ability should be maxed first in most situations. 
Razor is all about positioning. Visualize the maximum radius and keep in mind that Plasma Field actually hits just beyond the attack’s animation. Try to hit enemies at the edge of the radius for maximum damage. Additionally, the Plasma Field grants flying vision for two seconds in a 700 unit radius, which is the furthest extent of the visible ring. 

Static Link -  “I sense a connection between us…”

Static Link
“Creates a charged link between Razor and an enemy Hero, stealing damage from the target and giving it to Razor.”
Static Link Static Link steals physical damage per second from enemy heroes. This ability is worth maxing second because it costs no additional mana, lowers cooldown, and increases damage steal tremendously. Levels in this ability will allow you to earn more damage for the consistently low mana cost. 
Static Link steals damage for 8 seconds (assuming the enemy does not move out of range) and the damage buff gained lasts for 18 seconds. This means that the cast time and buff duration equals the cooldown at max level; if done correctly, you can use this spell back to back with no downtime. While it is unlikely that you will score 8 full seconds of damage steal every time, it is a worthy goal!
The best plan of attack for Razor is to target the enemy hero who does the most damage, ideally a carry. This is useful in teamfights, as you can then direct the stolen damage towards killing a support or a hero with low health. Static Link also give Razor an advantage in one-on-one combat, where he can steal damage and deal it right back to the attacker. The amount of damage stolen can even be larger than what the enemy themselves have.

Unstable Current 

Unstable Current
“Razor moves with increased speed, and any abilities targeted at him are instantly countered with a jolt of electricity which damages, slows, and purges buffs from enemies.”
Any enemy heroes who target Razor with abilities will instantly receive a shock that deals up to 130 damage. Most importantly, this ability gives you a 3% movement speed increase with each level and slows enemies when they cast. Unstable Current Unstable Current will apply even when the attacking enemy cannot be seen because of invisibility or the Fog of War, and deals damage before any other attack takes effect. This ability is passive and should be maxed third, after Plasma Field and Static Link. 

Eye of the Storm -  “Gather for the charge!”

Eye of the Storm
“A powerful lightning storm strikes out at enemy units with the lowest health, dealing damage and reducing their armor.”
Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm makes Razor deadly in both teamfights and 1v1. Razor’s ultimate attack creates a lightning storm that hits the enemy unit with the lowest health in a 500 unit radius and reduces armor with each strike. Keep in mind that this ability does apply to non-hero units, so using it next to a wave of creeps will not help in a teamfight. Leveling Eye of the Storm causes it to strike with increasing frequency, do more damage, cost more mana, and have a shorter cooldown. The duration will stay the same, as will the range. 
Razor’s Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade increases the number of strikes per second and causes his ultimate to hit buildings. This is a valuable purchase if your team needs extra pushing power. Eye of the Storm is also one of the few abilities that can stack with  Refresher Orb. Though it is not recommended for beginners, it is possible to have two instances of Razor’s ultimate at once with this item. 


(courtesy of Dotabuff)
Razor’s skill tree is one of the many ways you can adjust to the specific game, and varies from player to player. Don’t be afraid to use your best judgement, depending on what you need in your individual situation. Recommended talent choices for a midlane Razor are bolded below. 

Lvl 10

  • +15 Movement Speed 


As Razor, you always want to be the fastest hero on the map. This talent will give you the extra speed you need to chase enemies in the early game. The longer you can keep them from severing your Static Link, the better.
  • +10 Agility 


Razor is an agility hero, so extra agility will allow you to do more damage. If you are using your Static Link efficiently, you don’t need this talent. Keep in mind that you will also gain armor and +10 attack speed with this choice.

Lvl 15

  • +5 Armor 


Building a tanky Razor is viable and quite popular. If that is what your team needs, then this is the right choice. 
  • +150 Cast Range 


Bonus cast range will apply to Razor’s Static Link. This is necessary to keep enemy heroes under the effect of it for as long as possible. 

Lvl 20

  • +250 Health 


Like the +5 armor talent, this choice is a must for a tanky build. 
  • +30 Attack Speed 


Razor has a limited amount of time to take advantage to his damage buff from Static Link. A higher attack speed will allow Razor more hits out of his stolen damage. 

Lvl 25

  • +175 Attack Range 


Increase Razor’s chasing abilities with this talent. More importantly, this talent allows Razor to attack from outside tower range when coupled with a Dragon Lance.
  • +14 Static Link Damage Steal 


The benefits of this talent are just as they seem at face-value. Choose +14 Static Link Damage Steal to deal with enemy carries who are doing too much damage. 
Attack from outside tower range with +175 attack damage and a Dragon Lance. This makes for extremely efficient pushing and cannot be done with just the talent or Dragon Lance alone. 

Recommended Leveling  

(courtesy of dotafire.com)



Starting Items 


Most of your 625 starting gold will go towards your  Wraith Band (485), which will later build into a  Ring of Aquila. If you do not receive any from the rest of your team, make sure to buy  Tangos (125); they will provide much needed health regen to help you stay in lane. After that, you are good to go! These starting items are recommended. 
Instead of buying a Wraith Band, you can buy a  Salve (110),  Wind Lace (250), and two  Iron Branches (50) that will become your Magic Wand in the early game. Wind Lace is a more aggressive choice; keep enemies from breaking your Static Link and steal/deal more damage in the early laning phase. 

Early Game 


The first two early game items Razor should have are a Magic Wand and Ring of Aquila. A  Bottle is always a good choice for a mid player, but if you are going to choose between this and a Magic Wand, pick the latter. Some players buy both.  Drum of Endurance is not particularly popular, but it grants passive movement speed and general stat bonuses. Drum can be beneficial for Razor because of its active 13% movement speed increase and +25 attack speed. 



The only boots that you should consider are  Phase Boots and  Power Treads. The movement speed bonus from  Boots of Travel is appealing, but Razor needs boots long before the time needed to farm up this item. The best choice is Phase Boots, which will give you that extra speed boost you need for Static Link and chasing enemies. Power Treads are also a good option, especially if you think you will be carrying your team. 



Pick up a  Yasha as soon as you can and build it into a  Sange & Yasha. Yasha should be bought first because it boosts everything that Razor needs: attack speed, damage, and movement speed. Buy a  Desolator if you are planning to take advantage of Razor’s Aghanim's Scepter upgrade, which makes his ultimate strike towers. This, coupled with Desolator’s armor reduction, is a deadly pushing combination. 
 Shadow Blade grants much needed bonus attack speed and damage, as well as the active Shadow Walk. This item is particularly effective for ganking.  Dragon Lance will increase your attack range by 140 and can later be built into a  Hurricane Pike. Even if you do not intend to upgrade to a Hurricane Pike, Dragon Lance is still recommended; the extra range makes a huge difference in teamfights, as it allows you freer positioning and easier chasing.  
The image on the left shows Razor with no Dragon Lance, and the one on the right shows Razor with a Dragon Lance equipped. Note that the Razor pictured has the level 25 +175 Attack Range talent in both images.

Situational/Late Game


  •  Aghanim’s Scepter, “causes faster strikes that can damage structures as well. When striking buildings, it will only target towers, barracks, and the Ancient.” This item is highly recommended. 
  •  Black King Bar is a popular item on Razor, but is not necessary every game. BKB is best used against enemy lineups with heavy magic damage and disables. Razor needs this extra line of defense to prevent lockdown. 
  •  Butterfly is rather expensive, but the +30 damage, +35 Agility, +35% Evasion, and +30 Attack Speed are worth it. Plus, the active Flutter will boost your movement speed by 35% for 4 seconds, enhancing your chasing abilities. 
  •  Mekansm is also a good pickup if you want to demolish any dream the enemy might have had in 1v1. Like Magic Wand, you can use Mekansm for surprise extra health in 1v1 combat. 
Though this guide does not feature a tanky build,  Heart of Tarrasque Blademail, and  Assault Cuirass deserve an honorary mention. All three of these items can be necessary components for any carry Razor. Heart of Tarrasque with Blademail will make a tanky Razor unkillable. These items are not recommended in this guide, but are perfectly viable for many Razor builds!


A Razor player should be wary of any hero who has high mobility or escape mechanisms. You never want to lane against a hero who can out maneuver Razor. These heroes will easily break your Static Link by running, jumping, or blinking away before you are able to steal a significant amount of damage. Do not waste your Static Link on these heroes unless their maneuverability is on cooldown: 
  • Anti-Mage Anti-Mage
  • Bloodseeker Bloodseeker
  • Dark Seer Dark Seer
  • Earth Spirit Earth Spirit
  • Ember Spirit Ember Spirit
  • Faceless Void Faceless Void
  • Mirana Mirana
  • Morphling Morphling
  • Phoenix Phoenix
  • Puck Puck
  • Queen of Pain Queen of Pain
  • Slardar Slardar
  • Slark Slark
  • Storm Spirit Storm Spirit
  • Timbersaw Timbersaw
  • Weaver Weaver
Razor should also avoid heroes that restrict his movement. Bloodseeker’s Rupture Rupture, Puck’s Dream Coil Dream Coil, and Batrider’s Flaming Lasso Flaming Lasso will all take Razor out of teamfights. Be careful of any hero who can reposition Razor into the middle of the enemy team; Magnus Magnus and Vengeful Spirit Vengeful Spirit are both examples. Razor is not intended to tank enemies. However, he is often described as an anti-carry. You should feel confident against right-click carries and slower melee heroes. Razor works well alone, can score solo kills, and is a great ganker. 

Na`Vi Playing Razor

Let our very own Na`Vi players show you how it’s done! Watch Dendi take on TNC as Razor at TI6. Match ID: 2547286015 
Here is a pub game from Dendi’s Youtube channel
Good luck, have fun, and “bring the spark of death!” 
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