Gifts for HotS players


Blizzard continues pleasing his fans. Previously, the presents in Heroes of the Storm were granted to players of Hearthstone and World of Warcraft. This time Blizzards gives presents to the players of Diablo III.


The owners of Diablo III and Diablo III: Reaper of Souls will get a Doablo hero as a present after the patch. In order to get the hero, a player must log in Heroes of the Storm at least once till 8 September. The cross promotion will end on this day at  19:00 CEST. Do don't miss your chance to get Diablo for free! Apart from that, all the players, whose hero reach 70th level in the fourth season of Diablo III will get Malthael’s Phantom mount. 


As concerns Diablo III players, they'll get a unique pennant and a portrait frame for their account upon reaching 12th level in Heroes of the Storm. 

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