Giving away graphic cards and Na`Vi excl

One contest is over and the other has just started. Today we're launching our newest Facebook application where we are going to give away three powerful Sapphire video cards as well as 12x casual + jersey T-Shirts, 6x SteelSeries QcK+ Na`Vi Edition mousepads with our DOta 2 team autographs as well as 24x Dota 2 items from our Workshop. Curious how to get it all?
No conditions, no photos required to enter, nothing fancy but just have a Facebook account. Go to the application page, choose one of the three teams, like our pages and wait for your reward. Isn't that easy? Well, what are you waiting for?! The giveaway prize pool:

- 24x Dota 2 items by Na`Vi
- 6x casual T-Shirts
- 6x jersey T-Shirts
- 6x SteelSeries QcK+ Na`Vi Edition mousepads with respective players' autographs
- Sapphire RD 270X Vapor-X video card
- Sapphire RD 270X Toxic video card
- Sapphire RD 270X Dual-X video card




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