Gladiator's Revenge Set by Natus Vincere

A new set of items from Natus Vincere is already awaiting your vote in the Workshop! This time it is Pudge who gets his truly intimidating set. What can be more frightening to an enemy than Pudge equipped in gladiator’s gear? A trident, replacing the original hook, will help ensure that the Buther will have a rendezvous with his victim, while a new axe in his left arm will make sure that it ends with a victory. A whole set of armor, including a helmet and chains, completes this frightening gear quite nicely.  



Unfortunately, the tattoo from our previous video featuring Basim couldn’t find its place in this set, but we assure you that Dendi will be pleased nonetheless as he impales his enemies with a fork. As usual, the introduction of these items to Dota 2 depends on your votes on the corresponding page in the Workshop.

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